This is the place to be to make an appointment to have a reading, healing session or private tutoring session in Lenormand, Kipper or Tarot card reading skills.  A few things to consider when making your appointment;

  • All appointments are made in EST so if you are in a different time zone please keep that in mind.
  • This is only for those appointments which will be kept in either the Shoppe, Spellbound of Nyack, or on FaceTime.  Email readings are in a different area of this website and of course don’t need an appointment.
  • You must indicate when making your appointment which venue, in the Shoppe or FaceTime you will be using.
  • Again I am in the EST Time Zone, meaning I am here in America, Nyack, NY to be specific – all fees, rates etc. are then, as would make sense, posted in US Dollars $$.
  • The appointment scheduler has all open availabilities listed, if you try to make an appointment in a time block that is not available you will get an error on the top of the page – this is the only reason I have seen as of yet that you will receive any error.
  • All Reading Appointments are for half hour time blocks
  • Healing Sessions are scheduled in forty five minute time blocks
  • All Lenormand, Kipper and Tarot Card Reading Skills tutoring are scheduled in forty five minute time blocks.
  • FaceTime is the only online venue currently, Skype will be added shortly.
  • When you are online you will be seeing pictures of the cards, not me, though you will see my hands 🙂
  • Please ensure you are on time for any readings in the Shoppe or FaceTime.  Time is blocked out to perform your readings and if you are running more then 5 minutes late PLEASE call.  We all have things that “come up”, it takes only a moment to call and allow someone else who might be waiting to obtain a reading.  Anyone more then 10 minutes late will have their appointment cancelled and if re-booking a reading maybe charged an additional $25.00 if you have been a previous no call/no show AND may have to pay in advance – payment is non-refundable if made do to this reason.  So again, please just give a call and let us no, Courtesy Counts!!
  • And finally – all readings and tutoring are performed only in English.

So, the basics are covered, ready set and go below and click to make your appointment.  I look forward to working with you!

Please note if your appointment is using FaceTime we must start your session with processing your payment.  

Please note I do not share any information with ANYONE when you use this appointment booking system.