In days not all so long ago, you would wander down a lonely country road, a small village lane or a tiny alley in a city and there, there you would find magic.  Sometimes a sign was openly hung; most times it was word of mouth that told you where to find the spot you sought – The Fortune Teller.

A Wise Woman, or Cunning Man, used all manners of their trade to assist you at the Fortune Teller – cards and pendulums to look at what was in store for you, a candle lit or hands laid upon you to help your energies flow more freely was common in this special place. If you were lucky they may agree to teach you something, ah that was a special moment indeed.

That Olde World still exists and now you have found one of those special places in of all places, the Internet, here is The Fortune Tellers Society and Spellbound of Nyack!

The Fortune Tellers Society is a facet, or incarnation, of Spellbound of Nyack, the actual small physical shoppe located at 142 Main Street, in Nyack, N.Y. and yes before you ask, it is tucked away in a little shopping center, for the privacy of its customers.  The Fortune Tellers Society takes the spiritual workings offered there and offers them to all of positive intention who can’t make it to Nyack.  Yes, Divination and Magic is afoot!

So take your time and wander around here to see what is available to you.  You will find that more is available here then might meet the eye – ah just like when you found the Fortune Tellers abode.

Please remember this page is “always under construction” so check back frequently to see what is new!!