It was opening day of Spellbound of Nyack  when the Lenormand System re-entered my life. A new customer – you have to love them especially on an opening day – asked me about the Lenormand System and in that brief conversation sparked an interest and brought back memories from years ago.  My passion for Lenormand that had waned was re-kindled – and with a vengance!

Mademoiselle Marie Anne Adrienne Lenormand

Born May 1772 in Alencon, France  –  Transitioned June 1843 Paris, France

Mlle. Lenormand was a Cartomancer (Cartomancy is the use of cards for divination) who eventually became known as the Sibyl of Paris, the Sibyl of Salons as well as being the Seeress for both Napoleon Boneparte and his Wife, Empress Jospehine. She is the most famous of French fortune tellers and should be noted was jailed for her honest readings against nobility and royalty on more then one occasion.

The system now bearing her name, the Lenormand System, is based in part by some of how she performed card readings. The exact system cannot be confirmed by history as being directly from her and with the variations (more of them spring up daily) it is doubtful we will ever get that validation but in truth we do not need it!

The Lenormand System is and has been amazing popular in Europe and is now making its way to the States for good reason – it is amazingly accurate and very straightforward and direct.   After have spent the a number of years now immersed in the world of Lenormand I have achieved quite a few milestones, becoming the Co-founder of the World Lenormand Association is chief among them.  Add to this that I am the first teacher of Lenormand in the Tristate Area and, well you can see how you can feel free to stop in and chat with me about these cards ANYTIME you like.

So all of this said, Spellbound of Nyack has a Lenormand Study Salon. Salon is a term from the French that I decided to use in honor of Mlle. Lenormand. It will be interactive and all who attend should be prepared to participate fully no matter what your current level of expertise with Lenormand is. You must have a Lenormand Deck (your choice of course), pad/notebook and pen. If you do not have a Lenormand Deck I have several available to purchase. Before coming to class you might want to stop on the way and pick up your favorite cup of tea or brew some at home and bring it with you. Cost per Salon is $25.00,the date listed on the page dedicated to Lenormand Events on this website, and please make sure to call and reserve your space as the growing interest in Lenormand is  making this a popular venue.

A Lenormand 101 Beginners Course is scheduled approximately every other month.  This class will give basic instruction and guidance to how to use the Lenormand System, and more importantly how to study it so that it will best serve you.  Please make sure during this course that you have a Lenormand Deck, a new notebook to dedicate for just Lenormand Studies and a pencil when you attend.  Decks are available before class to purchase as well as the book, Essential Lenormand by Rana George, this book is also required to attend this course.  See the Lenormand Events page on this website for dates of classes currently scheduled.
Until we meet at a Lenormand Salon or Workshop, Adieu Mes Amis!!!!!