Please note that you must RSVP for all classes, workshops or groups at least 48 hours in advance so that handouts and space is made available for you.  It is recommended you RSVP further in advance then that as we do have limited space and groups do close out early.  Please call the shoppe at (845) 659-4888 to RSVP or to ask questions.



February  2018 Classes/Study Groups

Lenormand Study Salon

Tuesday, February 13th , 7:00-8:30PM $25.00

This popular divination tool of Europe is gaining ground here in the USA, and Hugh is the person who first brought the teaching of this amazing system to the Lower Hudson Valley.  This is an interactive group and all should have with them a Lenormand Deck, pen or pencil and notebook/journal.  Decks are available for sale if you do not have one.   Each month we will gather to further our understanding and depth of practice with this amazing tool. It is suggested that you have taken, Lenormand Divination System-the Beginners Course from Hugh before attending any of these groups but after that, all levels of Lenormand Readers are welcome.  Seating is limited to 8 persons – sign up quickly to ensure your seat!

Lenormand Divination System – The Beginners Course

(This course is offered every other month – next course is in March, date to be announced)

Spend a fun and information packed evening learning the Lenormand Card Reading System basics.  This simple 36-card Oracle system is being embraced for its direct way of giving you information, with just what you learn in one class you will be amazed at what you can do.  You need to have a Lenormand Deck as well pen and notebook, handouts will be provided.  If you do not have a deck please plan on attending early to purchase one, cost not included in course fee.  Cost is $35 per person.


Lenormand Study Salon Grand Tableau Evening

Thursday, February 22nd. 7:15-9:30PM $25.00

Taking your Lenormand skills to the next level is the goal that I have starting this Study Salon evening.  Devoted to the Art of reading a Grand Tableau, and yes I consider reading a GT an Art, you will lay out your own GT and then read it step by step.  No need to fear that you don’t know a certain method, all are welcome to use the method of their choice from doing Past/Present/Future, General Reads, Game of Hope technique as well as specific topic reads for a GT.  You name it, I will help you lay it out and “dissect it”.

You do need a background with Lenormand as well as a basic understanding of a GT.  If you have covered this by self study and want to see how you are doing – that is a valid reason to attend and classes are held in how to read a GT throughout the year as well as private tutoring if needed.  Make sure to bring your Lenormand deck as well as a notebook.  If you have a reference book you normally work with, Essential Lenormand by Rana George or The Complete Lenormand Oracle by Caitlin Matthews, I suggest bring it along as well.  Copies of both are of course available for purchase should you need them as are decks if you feel you need a new one!

A General Grand Tableau Course is available every 3 months -next date to be announced

Game of Hope Grand Tableau Reading Technique Course is available every 6 months – next date to be announced