Lenormand Cards are currently offered – other Card Systems could be added in the future.

I am very happy to offer through The Fortune Tellers Society, online tutoring services for Lenormand Card reading skills.  One of my passions in life is reading cards and Lenormand Cards are right up there at the top of what I love to read.

A tutoring session is yours to tailor to what you feel you need to cover, some ideas of what you might want cover are;

  • Specific cards and how they are read in context to different areas of life such as romance or finance for example.
  • While the number of spreads is small to choose from when working with Lenormand Cards its not unusual for a person to have a hard time with one spread in particular – Grand Tableau is popular for this of course but you would be surprised at how the line of 5 comes up often also.  Perhaps choosing a spread to understand better is a good use of tutoring time for you.
  • Comparison of Cards that tend to confuse you – a good example is the Fox versus the Snake.

And that by no means limits what we can cover but rather just gives you a few ideas.   This is your 45 minute tutoring session which is One on One, and I want you to get the most out of it.  Take the time to give it some thought as to what you most want from the cards and then lets design a tutoring session around that!

Cost of the 45 minute tutoring session is $75.00 payable below.  If you miss your appointment time, payments are non-refundable but it is possible that a future time could be re-scheduled for you.

So deciding what you want to be tutored in is done ahead of time and then you follow these steps below;

Step 1  Book your Tutoring Appointment by clicking


Step 2  Pay for your Tutoring Appointment by clicking

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Step 3  Send an email to thefortunetellerssociety@gmail.com and indicate what area of study you would like to work on with the Lenormand Cards.  I ask this so that I can have anything needed prepared and spread out waiting to then connect with you over FaceTime.  I will need a valid email address to send any handouts that you might need for your tutoring session – please make sure that the email address of TheFortuneTellersSociety@gmail.com is not blocked and that it’s emails are not sent to your spam folder.

And of course if you have questions feel free to email TheFortuneTellersSociety@gmail.com