I am pleased to let you know you can order different readings to be delivered to you via email.  Each one is listed below and will take between 3-5 days to deliver depending on the volume I am working on, they could arrive sooner.  And before you ask, NO that is not Hugh doing a reading !!!!!

All of the Readings are delivered to you via email in Pages Format with a photo of the cards as they were cast.  The address they will be coming from is thefortunetellerssociety@gmail.com so please ensure your email account does not mark this email address as spam.  Please read through the various types of spreads available to you and make your choice.  As noted below, send an email with any questions about which spread might be right for you.

Lenormand 3 Card Spread – Used for basic and direct questions of a more simple nature such as a Yes/No question with a short explanation.  This is not suitable to complex issues or those dealing many people.  Cost is $10.00 (USD) and you may order  by clicking on the spread name above.

Lenormand Portrait Spread also called a 3X3 Spread – Suitable for more complex questions or for a general one month reading to see what energies will be present/transpire. Cost is $35.00(USD) and you may by clicking on the spread name above.

Lenormand Grand Tableau – This spread is cast using the time frame you define to me, as short a time as one month to as long as one year are the limitations.  I will look at certain issues for everyone including money, health and romance but you may also add two specific questions of your own to this as well.  This is a detailed reading taking an approximately an hour to read and then additional time to type up and send to you.  Cost is $85.00 (USD) and you may order by clicking on the spread name above.

Readings are saved on file for 1 week after they are delivered to you and will then be deleted from our system.

You of course may email me directly at thefortunetellerssociety@gmail.com with any questions that you have before you order your reading.  Please remember, as legally required by NYS Law I must advertise all readings as for entertainment purposes only.