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When classes are available you will find the link on their Class Name is activated.

Thank You for your patience !

Classes are a large part of the reason this website came to be.  Many of you have met me through various online venues and commented – I wish I were closer to you to take a class – here is your chance.

This section will grow over time and classes will be added and as time goes by.  Don’t wait to take a class to find out later it is no longer available. This is an interactive venue, you will need a fill in system name to participate in any/all of the offerings.

Learning the Petit Lenormand Reading System – This is the basic course for those just starting to learn the Petit Lenormand or needing a refresher course.  It is based on how I learned these cards which means you will learn the 36 cards, and a few basic spreads. You will need a Petit Lenormand Deck to participate in the class. There are many currently many decks to choose from, I normally use a reproduction of one of the older decks as I find them easier to read and if you would like to look at where I purchase mine please go to

I also suggest either a copy of Essential Lenormand by Rana George or The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook by Caitlin Matthews. Both are excellent books to begin your Lenormand Journey.