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When classes are available you will find the link on their Class Name is activated.

Thank You for your patience !

Classes are a large part of the reason this website came to be.  Many of you have met me through various online venues and commented – I wish I were closer to your shoppe to take a class with you – here is your chance.

This section will grow over time and classes will be added and yes removed as time goes by.  Don’t wait to take a class to find out later it is no longer available, and no I don’t use high pressure tactics my reason is simple, I only have X amount of space in my class room program of memory to use.  So if you see it and want to participate, better sooner then later as when other class offering come up one may have to be taken down.

Basic Playing Card Divination – This is the basic course for those just starting to learn Playing Card Divination or needing a refresher course.  It is based on how I learned these cards which means you will learn 52 Cards, No Jokers used and No reversals read.  We will focus on learning this as a 3 stage or layer reading method where each stage/layer is used in the correct order to find out the information the Playing Cards are communicating to you.  This is a Text Based class with Photo or Diagrams included.  There is no interaction between us or other students.  You learn at your own pace and have up to 60 days to finish the course.