Today I decided to splurge, a brand new shiny laptop to help me with rebuilding the website and getting my work back on track. So…. Blessings to the new laptop and time to blog!

This is my small tranquility area on our back deck. Even with the severe lack of rain here in Vermont this season, the green of the Green Mountain State is still thriving. I bring you here thinking of blessings which abound around us if we choose to just take the moment and think.

This small little scene shares blessings I had from a friendship gone too soon. My dearest friend Helen passed away a number of years ago, only in her 50’s. I spent many days/nights in her company, studied Tarot and Reiki and yes we drank way more wine then was good for us. Her home in Chappaqua, NY was an oasis of calm and she had a Buddha just like this one. We set out on an adventure one day and lo and behold we found mine.

The stones are all from Montauk, NY, called “The End” by some. It is the very tip or End of Long Island and long thought of as a vortex of energy such as Sedona, AZ. While not as popular it has an energy that stays with one. I experienced this a few times, again all with Helen.

Two chunks of Apophyllite are in this photo as well, at the far side, right and left. Yes you guessed it already, Helen helped me learn all about the energies of this stone, I might suggest you research it for yourself.

Now as I get older, a privilege these days that I do not overlook, I get to enjoy this spot. It is not a place of sadness for my friend’s memory, it is a sanctuary of calm that she helped me realize I could create in my life, where I needed one. It’s a seasonal one yes, but that helps me remember how things change – something I also do not overlook the privilege of knowing the value of.

So why blog on this? Simple blessings are in my life and while I normally don’t talk or blog about them, today felt like the day I should. I am not going all “white light” here on you, rather I just gentle remind you that you have them also. I faced some of my hardest times these past 2 years, and the lessons I learned have been a few – count your blessings is among them.

Care to count yours as well?