Greetings All !

I am watching a trend and for the life of me I can’t figure out why this is happening. Read on and feel free to comment or let me know if you have a better understanding of this than I do. As always, I am the first one to say, I am willing to learn!

The Lenormand System’s hallmark is for being to the point, blunt, as well as short and sweet (well not always so sweet) while giving you good information. I am sitting back and watching as people reading the cards are now going on and on and I ask – why? I understand wanting to give as much information as possible, but when someone takes 5 cards and reads as if 7 cards were pulled, or the reader has 5 cards and he or she writes paragraphs upon paragraphs of text, well that reader is not giving more information, the reader is just giving more words.

In the realm of Lenormand I teach my students to be short and succinct with their readings. Just throwing down the cards and conveying an answer is where my love of affair really started with Lenormand. This is not to say I have a flippant view of the Lenormand system. I have a total respect and love for it, more than you might possibly imagine. I even say it is a mystical tool to be used with respect, ask my students how many times I say “don’t ask a question you don’t want an answer to because you can’t un-see it” and you will understand how serious I take this. That being said, what I do not do is treat it as a long-winded Oracle because surely it is not long winded, nor flowery nor, well you get my drift. It is direct.

So as Lenormand speaks to us I challenge my students, and now you, to use Lenormand in this manner. In other words, less is more. Use fewer words, like Lenormand does, to give yourself or your sitter the best reading you can. Don’t expound, rather be direct and brief. Yes, of course tell them all that the cards are saying. Yes, of course handle yourself or your sitter with care and don’t be overly blunt. But NO don’t use more words, more words can, in fact, give you or your sitter more to analyze/digest and in that process perhaps twist the simple answer the cards are so good at giving you.

As I have always believed, the Cards are always correct in what they say to us, it is in how we interpret them that issues arise. If we are expounding to make ourselves look more professional, or prove we are the better reader or such, well I hate to say it but this trend does not show us in our best light.