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Lenormand #14 Fox

#14 the Fox, from Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edward

That Fox card, it seems to evade and confuse many who study the Lenormand Card Reading System and my answer is – Shouldn’t it?

The Fox is, if it is doing its job correctly, exactly suppose to evade and confuse those who try to watch it, so why not those who study Lenormand? I agree it might be a bit of a frustration at first but I have to appreciate someone who does there job well !

Remember, I keep to a rather “traditional” way of reading Lenormand and a primary source of information for me is “Lenormand Thirty Six Cards” by Andy Boroveshengra. I do not read the Fox as my primary Work card, this I reserve for #32 Moon – getting that out of the way quickly.

Basic Keywords associated with the Fox are deceit, trickery, fraud and in my mind the essence of the card, Wrongness. This is the red flag (pun intended to our red fox above) that something is wrong. If you read using directions as I do, then what the nose of the Fox is pointing to is what is wrong. In my case using the card above that would be the card directly to the left.

Now the Fox does what it does to survive. Many people are trying to put a positive spin on #14 and will go to survivor to do that – I have not seen that to be the case in my practice. This card is in the Suit of Clubs, that tells us that it brings the unpleasant with it and I always consider the Suits that I am reading as a factor to be worked with.

The Fox as I have found does its work in the business settings quite well, remember he is trying to survive and what place is tougher then business? #14 try’s to secure that which it needs, food, shelter and in this day money to obtain anything it might need.

I do give a nod to Rana George here. When she said, and I paraphrase here, that her family yells “Sneaky Sneaky” when they see this card, I agree. This card does try to skulk around and mislead you as to who has done the deed.

The Fox as a descriptor of a person – this I always find interesting. Streetwise is normally something this tells me, they know the lay of the land that they reside in. It can be a work or business rival – again they know the lay of that type of land. It can be a man or woman, you will note I have used it, versus he or she when speaking of this card. In any event I don’t find the person that this card describes to be trustworthy, I watch them closely. When they do things, again its to survive, they are not the spiteful vindicative card of our Lenormand family – that I reserve for the #7 the Snake/Serpent.

#14 is also the card for Redheads, for the obvious reason of the Red Fox being on the card.

So the study of Lenormand brings many to quickly compare this card to #7 the Snake/Serpent = perhaps that should be the next card I discuss?

Until my next blog, read the cards well and read them honestly!

A Quick Reading

My Scope Results Reading

My Cards drawn on this past Thursday about my pending Scope being done that day. It turned out just as they said. Insight into a long term illness and what was ending was the long term part. The Scope was because a follow up Cat Scan had showed a thickening in the area of the colon where my surgery had joined two pieces together. My Surgeon told me that this was no issue and that it would always be there, even to the point of entering this all into my chart so that I would not have to have a Scope after every follow up Cat Scan – that’s a relief !!

So if you if see that Coffin card at the end of a line, don’t go into a panic, look at the entire reading – The Coffin is always an ending but that ending doesn’t have to be you. The Coffin ends the card that precedes it directly to its left – in my case it was that this was no longer to be a long standing issue! Yes sometimes you read the cards going in a forward direction and then, with the Coffin going backward a bit.

I hope you enjoyed this little Coffin tip!

Along Came the Rider…..

So the first of the blog posts on Lenormand Card Meanings starts out aptly with the Card #1

The Rider

card from Maybe Lenormand, Ryan Edwards, US Games Systems Inc.


The Rider, also I have seen it referred to as The Cavalier, Is a fun card to work with.  It has the core or essence meaning of News.  With this essence kept in mind, the keywords most normally associated with this card are;

  • News
  • Visitor
  • Delivery
  • Progress
  • Information
  • Package

I think of this card in terms of the Pony Express as my easy way of remembering all the different keywords.  Now remember from my previous post, this is how I read the card, others I am sure will differ and it is up to you to see what resonates most to you within the Lenormand Card Reading System for each card to determine what works best for your readings.

The type of news, information, delivery, or….. can be determined a few different ways, depending on how you read Lenormand.  Most often you will see it referred to as “look to the surrounding cards to determine……….” and this simply means the cards touching the Rider.  Keep in mind that this is Lenormand, the cards surrounding a card almost always influence the card they touch. An example might be Rider followed by Tree, which I could interpret as a Health Delivery and then my prescription from my mail order pharmacy service arrives in my mailbox that day.

The other way I have seen how the determination is made is using the more “directional” approach to reading.  Simply you said, you look at the direction of a certain part of a card, different for different cards of course, to give you further information.  In the case of the Rider we look to see where the horses nose points to, on Ryan’s Rider card that would be the card to the left. Like the above example just place the Tree to the left of Rider and you can get the same answer.

Is either approach better?  You tell me what works best for you and I will tell you that is what’s best for you.

This card is fairly straight forward to interpret.  Within a Grand Tableau, it can also be interpreted by using the Near/Far (Method of Distance) system or perhaps the House System.  Grand Tableau is something perhaps we will delve into another day, for now let us stick with the cards themselves and perhaps some simple tips or a line of three or such as I proceed through the cards.

Questions?  Feel free to post them here as a comment and I will get to them as quickly as I can.

Always remember to read with wisdom and compassion!

Blessings, Hugh


Lenormand Card Meanings – You asked for it

As I start to settle into Vermont life I am also getting to settle back into my spiritual work. One of the items on my to do list is to blog about the meanings of each Lenormand Card. While this has been covered by many others, I am consistently asked how I read them and would I mind providing this. I happily do so with the caveat that this does not take the place of the excellent books that are out there nor does it take the place of a class or workshop you might attend. Also might I add, these meanings are how I have learned to read the cards – others read them differently I am sure.

For these blog postings I will be using the graphics of the cards from Ryan Edward’s most excellent deck, Maybe Lenormand, published by US Games Systems, Inc. A while back Ryan gave me permission to do this and I must say I am so happy that he did. If you are going to be learning Lenormand this is a fabulous deck to work with and if you are an old hand with Lenormand you will enjoy them as well. Thank you again Ryan.

So you will start to see these posts shortly. I haven’t decided as of yet If I will go in card number order or just post them as they present themselves to me. The Muse of Lenormand will assist me I am sure.

Blessed Be, Hugh

How Do They Work?

You would think after this many years of reading cards and running a business of doing such I would be used to certain questions – nope, some you never get used to and in this case I think that is a good thing.  A gentleman asked the simple question “How do these cards work” and that always, no matter how many times I am asked gives me a moment of respectful and reflective pause.


Now if you have read any of my blog posts or know me, you know I may profess a level of experience with various card systems but I never profess to being a “Master” or such of any of them.  In my book they, the cards that is, are always teaching you, so how can you have Mastered something if in fact you are always learning more and more?  This question brings that to light as well.

There are different thoughts as to how the cards work –

  • Your Guides, Spirits, Totems (you get where I am going here) determine which cards show up and where in the spread they appear.
  • The Cards show up by chance or randomness, the same with their placement
  • The Reader’s mind effects the deck and choose the cards and their placements – some might say it was their Higher Self if you will

And these ideas or theories are just some of those that I have heard.  You have to, as the person reading or being read for, decide this for yourself – that much I can say I know.  One very popular Reader of Lenormand feels their is no Spiritual connection to the Cards and the readings yet – the readings that are performed by this person are amazing I will say.  Others feel they are totally Spiritual, I can weigh in here and say honestly it is never my place to tell another how they should or should not feel about a belief for or against the Spiritual that is purely for the person making the decision to decide.

So you wonder, how do I answer that question?  It’s very easy and it goes back in part to what I was taught when I first started reading cards – The Cards are always right, it is how we interpret them that can be wrong.  That might sound like a cop out, it is not, ask any experienced reader and I am sure they will agree.  So the Cards are always right but what places them on the table, versus others and why do they end up where they do?

After decades of reading, more then modesty permits me to admit to, I can honestly and wholeheartedly declare – I don’t know.   What I do know is they work and at the end of the day that is good enough for me.  If you need a “reason” why they work, have a good sit down or meditate and decide for yourself, in the end I don’t fix what is not broken as the old saying goes.

But please, ask me again someday, because it always causes me to sit back a moment and ponder the question and in honesty when you work in the World of Cards, giving thought to how things work is a good and humbling thing – to say the least!


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