My Scope Results Reading

My Cards drawn on this past Thursday about my pending Scope being done that day. It turned out just as they said. Insight into a long term illness and what was ending was the long term part. The Scope was because a follow up Cat Scan had showed a thickening in the area of the colon where my surgery had joined two pieces together. My Surgeon told me that this was no issue and that it would always be there, even to the point of entering this all into my chart so that I would not have to have a Scope after every follow up Cat Scan – that’s a relief !!

So if you if see that Coffin card at the end of a line, don’t go into a panic, look at the entire reading – The Coffin is always an ending but that ending doesn’t have to be you. The Coffin ends the card that precedes it directly to its left – in my case it was that this was no longer to be a long standing issue! Yes sometimes you read the cards going in a forward direction and then, with the Coffin going backward a bit.

I hope you enjoyed this little Coffin tip!