I have been quiet for quite sometime, i apologize. We moved to Vermont for peace and quiet and things sort of spun out of control on us. Here is the short version of the low down;

In September of 2020 I was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer and needless to say my world turned a bit upside down. I went through 2 different chemotherapy treatment series, a radiation treatment series as well as 2 surgeries. I also was cared for by a team of Reiki practitioners, and a few close friends who use other alternative therapies/practices. I am now Cancer free (yay me!!) and am on a road of recovery that keeps me a bit fatigued but still able to work full time with a slightly modified shift schedule. That’s it, I kept things mostly quite as I didn’t, and still don’t, want to make my life about Cancer or having had had it.

Now during all this sort of forced down time I had lots of time to study alternative healing work as well as return to traditional methods of reading Kipper and Lenormand. I added in Playing Cards – what a ton of fun those are – and made a few friends on a card readers forum. That forum, I will be kind and not name it, has gone South in a big way. They decided to embrace this new methodology of ”wellness” in readings and not support those of us who are Fortunetellers. Its all about, ”what is my greatest good”, ”will soul be nourished by this endeavor” and….. geez dear Gods help me. While that sort of thing might appeal to others, just give me the facts of life, ”how do I save enough for retirement quickly?” or other practical information and let me live life. I don’t feel I am am qualified to be handing out arm chair Psycho Babble and I won’t. Nuff said.

So I will be spending the next few weeks updating this website and get it back to running form. Readings and Healing works will be offered again. These are done around my Full Time job so please understand that. I also pace myself a bit more until I am back full steam, never fear I can perform this work well and actually doing so helps me out tremendously.

That’s it. That’s whats up. And now, let us move forward !