It is all coming up Clover, or at least I hope it is.

This card is from Maybe Lenormand, by Ryan Edwards, US Games Systems Inc.

When the #2 the Clover appears in your reading almost always we have a note of joy, in fact that is the essence of the card. We have keywords normally associated with this card of;

  • Luck
  • Opportunity
  • Change of Fortune
  • Gamble/Chance
  • Good Luck Charm/Talisman

these are just a few of the words we can use of course. Let us also remember that what the Clover brings along is of a short duration or quick window of time to work with/obtain. The effects don’t hang around long, seize them while you have the chance – pun intended.

This card has always been my little Leprechaun of the Lenormand – catch this one in your reading and things can go well for you unless…… #6 the Clouds are close by. This is one of two cards that has its meaning reversed by #6, the other card that is reversed by #6 – keep up with the blog posts to find out. So this said without the #6 we see Good Luck, Good Opportunity, Good Change of Fortune, etc. and with #6 near, Bad Luck, Opportunity that is not good for you, etc. and still even with #6 near, it is quick and short in duration.

Questions -feel free to ask away. This is, to me of course, one of the easier of the cards to interpret and I love hearing how it works for you.

Remember to always read with wisdom and compassion,

Blessings, Hugh