Lets be honest, we all have them, the client/sitter/querent, call them what you will, that we DREAD reading for.  Whether you are a professional or just starting out you realize soon enough what it feels like to DREAD reading for them.

So what is it about them that makes you DREAD (okay enough with my capital letters) reading for them?  Lets make a list shall we?  It won’t encompass it all but it will cover most of the points, feel free to write in some yourself as you read along.

  • They always, always want to know more then we what we say, in fact they are sure there is more to say we are just not “seeing it”
  • They question what the cards are saying, they just don’t want to hear it and they then start to turn the question that they asked you about around, and around until – well you are not even sure what the question was in the first place.
  • They asked for a reading and they always ask about ____________ .  Now that blank could be many things and listed just below are a few.  What is funny is no matter how you answer it – they will be back for more and you just know it and it will be on this very same subject.
    • Love Life
    • Money
    • Business
    • Job Promotion
  • They fall into one of two categories and this one can fluctuate
    • Do my reading now, quick because I gotta go and I am in a rush.
    • I want you to take your time, no really I have all afternoon and I want you to tell me absolutely everything.
  • and the biggie – they really only hear what they want to hear and just ignore the rest of what you have to say.

So as a Reader why the heck do you or I put up with this?  Okay lets ask shall we?  Lets get up away from the screen for a moment and look in a mirror and ask yourself these questions because guess what – you are the person you dread most reading for.  Now is this true of everyone, no every rule has its exceptions but…. I bet if you are honest with yourself you would much rather to a reading for someone else.

So next time, with a grin on your face of course, you go to read for this DREADED client again, remember one thing for me okay,  Be Kind To Yourself!  Whether you are a Pro or a Newbie – you are doing this to assist yourself,  be as compassionate with yourself as you are with “your other clients.”

As they say in the comic books – Nuff Said.