As a card reader, one of any skill level or experience, we all have readings that are challenging to convey to our Sitter.  It feels like you have to administer an injection and the patient is terrified of needles – yes it can feel that bad for both of you. The Sitter came to you, the how or why isn’t important, they came to you for a reading, for assistance of a sort and it is up to you to now “deliver the goods” and to do so well.

So how do we transmit this information, well there are a number of methods and you have to choose what works best for your own reading style.  The thing to remember is you DO have to tell them what is going on, challenging information is often exactly what the Sitter needs to hear.

The method I choose to use, even though my nickname in the Psychic Circles is “the Blunt Psychic”, is to follow the these steps after I identify what the Sitter may find to be challenging;

  1. Read em like I see them.  No extra frills or flourishes, sort of like an old episode of Dragnet – Just the facts.  Don’t downplay what the cards are saying neither should you hype them up, that is not your job as a Reader, your job is to hold the space of being neutral while you perform a reading and that means convey what the cards say.
  2. I then look around and look for ways that the CARDS tell me the person may be able to handle or cope with the challenge, if in fact a challenge does present itself.  I DO NOT play counselor or therapist and pull out of my magic bag some canned answers.  For the most part Readers are not trained Therapists or Counselors and legally (depending on where you live) can fall into issue if you start to counsel.  I don’t have to say this but I will – if the issue is medical you cannot diagnose or give a course of treatment as well.
  3. And then…. I am done

You read them like the are, we find out where the cards are giving the Sitter assistance and you convey that as well as convey where they may have a challenge – AH that is the key ,did you catch it?

May have a challenge – remember not I, nor you, nor any Reader on the planet is 100% on target at all times,  Nope – just doesn’t happen.  So keep that in your mind, No do not start second guessing yourself, Yes do realize you can make mistakes and always just read what the cards are saying.  I am a firm believer, a very firm believer, that the cards are ALWAYS right, it is how we interpret them that is where the mistakes come in.  Nuff said, leaving the soapbox for today.