Whether it is Lenormand, Kipper, Gypsy Cards or Playing Cards I get this all the time-

Why do I have to do daily 3 card practice spreads?”

These 3 card daily’s never make any sense!”

and these are just two of the many and never ending questions or comments I get when I tell my students, both in-person and online, that they need to do the 3 card daily spread everyday – yes everyday.  Am I being a hard line old school do your lessons type – yep – and there is more then one good reason for it.

  1. You are doing a daily spread everyday – this integrates the cards you are working with into your daily life, it makes them a part of your daily routine hence a part of your normal life.  It doesn’t take the “special part” of reading cards away, as I sometimes hear, but rather it brings that special to your everyday life, and everyone can use a little special everyday right?
  2. When I teach daily practice spreads I also teach how to dial back the meanings of the cards.  Dial back is simple, you take the meaning and decrease it – an example is in Lenormand with have #8 The Coffin card.  If every time we saw this we said “Oh my god another one dead” when it popped up in a daily well we would be pretty lonely people in short order.  No instead we look at it as an ending but geez the Coffee Shop you go to everyday no longer offers that Triple Fudge Caffeine Buzzer you love every morning – okay that might be just as traumatic to you I admit.  What I am trying to say is that you start to the learn degrees of how cards can impact your life or other people when we practice daily’s.
  3. The many and various meaning of cards start to show themselves to you because quite frankly you are working with them more often so they have the chance to. When we only get study time once a week, after our favorite TV show and before bed, well the chances are the cards aren’t going to be able to show you as much.
  4. Over time, and yes this does take time, you gain proficiency with how the cards speak to you.  Each card system has a language and often with it a tone of voice, interacting with them daily exposes you to it so you pick it up faster.  Remember most card systems are speaking a language all their own and the best way to learn any new language is to use it daily.
  5. And last – BECAUSE I SAID SO.  Yes I can exhibit very parental tendencies when needed.

Okay, the last point is joking said (sort of) but the other points are quite on the mark.  If you are trying to be a card reader who is good at reading cards then you have to be serious about it.  Putting in the time, and it isn’t much time everyday once you get into the swing of it, is how you do it.

Another point I will admit to – you need to journal your daily findings – oh geez I hear the groans already – I will save that for another day!  What I will say is you are right, I didn’t teach you how to read a 3 card daily spread – another day for that as well.