Below is a Lenormand reading i recently performed for a client –


First things first is she wants to know “Why am I repeatedly feeling negative energies around me and being left drained?”  The question is all important in my  book and here we have something that is direct but not a Yes/No scenario – this I can work with.

Now lets look at the casting, I choose a 3X3 or Portrait Spread as it gives a lot of information and I cast it with the intention of the question in mind.  Please note that no cards were preselected and I did this wanting to know all the Present information, not Past/Present/Future as can be done with this format.

The cards used are a reproduction of  Das Spiel der Hofnung – The Game of Hope, from 1799 and are thought to be the original Lenormand style deck.  I adore these cards for their simplicity as well as elegant style and color all at once.

Okay the basics are covered – now onto the reading !

Right out of the gate we note the center card, the focus/issue of the casting is the Birds – well, well, well it would seem that here we have the root cause right in front of us, Anxiety.  I stated this and moved on quickly.  My next step is to always look at the corner pairings to find out the root cause of the focus/issue.  I take the top left corner with the bottom right corner to help describe it and then the top right corner with the bottom left to help describe that – its easier to do then it is to type it!  Mountain with Moon – work blockages, Key with Scythe – something important, something key (no pun intended) has been cut.  I can tell by the way my client has shifted in her chair and is leaning forward I am on the mark.

Now lets go to the cards in the center of the outer lines, I was taught they are called clusters by some, and they show up how issue is presenting itself.  Ship and Woman,  many ways to read this one so I skip ahead for a moment to the other set, Clouds and Tree its confusion that won’t move on and now as I look back at the the other two cards its a Woman who travels that causes this or……

So I could go further – but the lightbulb is going on over my clients head.  It seems that she feels this negative energy and being drained right after she (the Woman card represents my client ) visits her regional supervisor.   It seems this supervisor also likes to trim budgets and….. yes sometimes you need to go to the Card Reader to see what is happening right in front of you. My client tries to always see the best in people and was thinking it was some cause of her own that was doing this – ahem.

Now seriously why post this besides that last sentence?  Lenormand is known to show you things bluntly, plainly and without much fuss or muss.  I think without a doubt these cards I love so much just proved that.  Could I go on a bit more – sure and we did, but that part gets a bit more personal so I will keep that between my client and I.  If you read the cards though – its right there to see!