Yes it is time to take on a card that many people have troubles with,


Yes my friends its time to deal with the Snake!

this card is from Maybe Lenormand, by Ryan Edward, from US Games, Inc.

I have seen many ways of looking at this card and I have to say most of them are very valid, such as;

  • Malicious actions
  • Complications
  • Sedition (this one I love and I learned it from Andy B.)
  • Cables, Chains, Pipes (think of the form a snake can take)

Now those are just some of many that apply, one I do not agree with is the word Toxic – as snakes are not always Toxic/Venomous but that doesn’t mean they can’t be trouble none the less.  Now with these all listed where does the trouble come in?  Good question and I repeatedly see it when it is called into light when the Fox is also being looked at or compared to.

The Snake is a personal card, the Fox more impersonal.  The Snake goes for the heart, the emotions, and those things attached to such.  The Fox, well he is the survivor who is always looking to get ahead so then we should think of him as “he takes what he needs/wants” and doesn’t give a darn if you like it or not but….. it is not motivated by emotions – that is a hallmark of the Snake.  The Snake is the one who takes the boyfriend just because she can – The Fox would, but only if there was a reward of money or such tied to him.

So as noted above the Snake is complicated and normally so are “her” actions.  Yes ladies I hate to say it but this is a card normally seen as Female while the Fox is more Male.  No sexual prejudices here – remember when the card system came about in the very early 19th century.  Also see who is sitting as the playing card of this card, The Queen of Clubs.

So when faced with this card the first thing I do, and it sounds odd I admit, is I tell myself its not the Fox – if you do that and get rid of those associations straight away the card becomes much easier to read.

And, I hate to say it but, this card is the card of complications, don’t expect it to be easy to read because then, the Snake is not being The Snake!  As a Snake sheds it skins sometimes so do the layers we read of this card change as well.

Until the next card crosses my desk, happy shuffling!