So the reaction to posting “those cards” in the Lenormand system was well received on the first card so lets try another shall we?  Lets work on the Cross this time around.  This card is from one of my go to decks, Maybe Lenormand, is created by Ryan Edward and is offered through most metaphysical stores or directly from US Games, Inc.


So we see this card and most people immediately think of burden – which in my opinion is the essence or core of this card.  Some will tell you about the spiritual aspects of this card and try to don rose tinted lens when viewing this card, but after too many years of seeing this card arrive in a casting I have yet to see it this way.  A spiritual burden perhaps, but not the sunny side of spiritual life that is for sure.

Now as I type this it dawns on me what the real issue might be with this card.  It is one I deal with, with my personal/in-person students from day one and I do so in a few different ways;

  1. Some cards are negative and you can try to put a spin on it but – that won’t work.
  2. Negative cards are good cards, remember we learn our best lessons from having issues and working through them, the cards are just showing us this.
  3. The cards are always right, its how we interpret them, or fail to, that is where the mistakes come in – oh people just love it when I say this but…… it is so true!

So lets now take those three points into consideration for a moment.  We want to keep a cards meaning true to itself (point one), we want to hear the lesson it is telling us and this we do by looking at the cards around it as well (point two) and we have to trust our cards  (point three) – or why are we doing this folks?

Now none of this is said to belittle anyone trying to give a positive reading to a client or themselves, heck no, quite the opposite.  The first part of giving a reading that is positive, at least the way I was taught, is to be honest with who we are reading for.  We are doing no favor for our client by not saying what we read in the cards.  Part of performing a reading is being practiced in how to convey the message of the cards in an appropriate manner.  If we then convey the message that the card(s), in this case the Cross, is telling us, then good, bad or ugly – its what the client needs to hear at the current time.

So next time you practice reading your Lenormand cards, try working with the  Cross card in combination with every other card in the deck.  When doing this see how you can best convey the essence of burden with the other cards you work with, don’t be a Spin Doctor, rather be a truth teller who speaks in a compassionate voice.

Until next I blog, Shuffle Well, Hugh