On July 25th, I might be off a day, a video explaining a different way of reading the Clover (#2) card in the Lenormand Card System was posted by Donnaleigh.  The following day I started getting emails as to when did this meaning change, why did the meaning change and just general confusion.

Simple – it didn’t change!

What Donnaleigh is explaining in the video is that she is using a Brazilian method of reading the Lenormand cards when interpreting the meaning of the Clover.  She is not invalidating what you already know or how you should read the Clover – she is showing you another way to read it.  It is akin to the “Work” card being Moon here, Fox over there and…….    it is a different system of reading the cards, some call them Schools of how to read the cards.

Now if you look at it in terms of how many read the Clouds card and that Clouds can in fact take two cards, one of them being the Clover, and make it negative – I see where you are getting confused.  Is it then making the Clover “super” negative since it now has this little bit of not so good in it already?  My answer – I don’t know because I don’t read the Clover as Donnaleigh has outlined.

If you are using Essential Lenormand by Rana George or The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook by Caitlín Matthews reading the Clover may not work when interpreting with the way these two ladies present how to read cards either, so I can see the confusion there as well.  (I have not consulted with either of these two wonderful ladies before you ask or quote me here.) You need to decide if this way that Donnaleigh has presented makes sense to your way of reading Lenormand – no one else.  You also  then need to use this way of reading the Clover  consistently – keeping consistently in Lenormand Card meanings is Key, no pun intended.  Don’t use it when it is easier, faster, etc. use it and stick with it if it is your choice to use it.

What you were given in the video that Donnaleigh created about the Clover was information.  Now how you choose to use it, not use it or in fact abuse it – that is totally in the hands of you, the Reader.  I am writing this blog so that I have covered this subject and can politely say I won’t be addressing this “issue”, and its in quotes because I don’t think it is an issue, again.  Beating a dead horse – not my style.