It’s a Secret!

I have been reading cards for, well for more years then I really care to admit but okay I started when I was 5.  Really, some of my childhood friends still remember me with Tarot cards at that age. And why do I bring this up?  Well you would think I have built up a thick skin by now but…….

The other day I did a reading for someone and I was sort of dumbfounded with her response at the end.  “Well I THOUGHT that the cards would have shown what is important to me, not what you talked about.  I THOUGHT the real issues of my life and the  decisions I have made……….”  Okay you get the hint here, she was waiting for things to be said that were not, and she was upset about that in a big way, and I have to say it got under my skin and it took me a bit to realize why.

First off, as I have always said, the cards are always right, it’s how we interpret them that can be wrong.  Well I happened to remember this spread like the back of my hand (due to the way she reacted) and I re-constructed it and sat with it and guess what – I was spot on and I have not a doubt about it.  If you know me, then you know this is not ego talking, I took well over an hour dissecting this spread this time around just to make sure.  So then I took my cards and start getting nosey, if you will, about why the reaction and why she treated me so poorly.

Well we have to know the cards told me in great length what was going on here and why they didn’t address “what she THOUGHT’ would appear.   The answer – why bother talking about that, she has made up her mind, isn’t going to change it and why then address it?  On the surface she appears open to what you will say, she is not and has taken all steps to block any information that you might give her to the contrary of what she thinks is in her best interest.

She walked in and wanted validation is what this boiled down to and that’s okay many people do, but most people are also open to hearing a different twist on something – not this Lady and the cards knew it and just headed off into other areas of her life instead.  They knew that saying about “talking to a wall” and headed off the confrontation.  So where am I headed with this?  Good question.

I sense most of all this was a lesson in you can’t make everyone happy, even when you are trying your best and know you are on target.  People are going to hear what they want, judge how they want to and ultimately leave a reading with the information they want to – not necessarily what you said by the way.  If someone wants a reading from you, yet is totally not open to having a reading the cards will figure this out faster then you and….. won’t waste their time with giving information that isn’t going to be received kindly.  The  person isn’t blocking the cards from reading them, no they are just putting their time where best spent – on subjects that the person may be open to hearing about.

So the Secret of this?  Read the way you do and trust in your abilities AND trust in the cards.  People don’t block you from reading them, the cards just won’t play into their games and drama and allow you to get into a debate that you can’t win.

We consult cards to gain wisdom and insight, and they give us that in more ways then one. It’s not just the information they convey that is important, what the cards are not talking about can be just as important – think about that!  

Until we shuffle the cards together next, Happy Readings, Hugh

PS – many thanks to Sarah for allowing me to use her beautiful photo,   XOXO