Here is the start of a typical morning for me,  a 3 Card Daily Lenormand “Give me an insight into my day, today”   Yes, after all the years I have been working with cards I still do my dailies and it is how I really start my morning every day, work day or not.  I brew my coffee, feed the cats and when the first cup is done – out come the cards to give me guidance.  Below (using the Enchanted Lenormand by Caitlín Mathews) came out just the other day.  We will talk about it more below (ahem it was all too correct).


Learning Fluency with the Lenormand Cards – it is so much more than just a keyword or two.  What gets you to being fluent with Lenormand, or that matter any divination system, is to work with them everyday as often as possible.  Making a routine of this, like my first cup of the  morning (and yes I have a rule don’t talk to me before I have had it) works well.  If you can start out your day with the cards it is likely you will keep them on your mind as you go about your day and hopefully use them more during the day as well.

Now you will find a few things that will benefit you along the way with doing your daily readings

  1. Because you have drawn your cards in the morning and you are looking to see how they fit into your day and did you predict with them correctly you become more mindful of your day.  Since daily readings are “dialed backed” (see below for dialed back explanation) they make you look at your day in greater detail – even the small things.
  2. You start to see that keywords aren’t all the cards are about – the mundane world of paying bills, missing the train to work, etc. are all here in the cards, we just need to see them.  The “dialed back” meanings help with this and stop looking at them as we often do as always being major events.
  3. Andy Boroveshengra first taught me the meaning of the term “essence of the card” and I can’t thank him enough for that. Doing work with the cards like this teaches you this and the card essence gives you such fluency.  If you have not purchased his book “Lenormand Thirty Six Cards” I highly suggest you do and start to learn more about card essence with Lenormand Cards.

“So you are telling me I should or have to be working with the Cards at least once a day?” I can hear you asking now.  Yep – I am and it takes more than that actually but starting out with committing to doing your daily reads will get you started.  Don’t have time to do daily reads or work with the Cards daily, I can’t make you do that – that is for sure.  I can also not make you a fluent reader either if you can’t do that.

Okay that was a tough last sentence right?  No it was an honest last sentence is what it was.  Ask anyone who has gained a good level of fluency with their cards and, I am sure,  they are going to tell you the same thing.  It takes time, practice and lots of it.  But guess what – you are not running a race.  No one says you have to be up and running on  Monday January 16th (at random date) to perform amazingly accurate readings.  What you do need to do is start to working with them EVERY day.

Now daily draws are wonderful and give you a heads up as well.  The one pictured at the top of this posting?  Well it warned me of a woman who I thought was a friend perhaps not acting so – Ahem then I see a posting on Facebook with not one Woman I thought was a friend but a number of them all talking about me wearing tights to the upcoming Readers Studio 2018.  Friends like this I need???  Gotcha Toni Puhle and Gang, you knew I would !!!!!

So have I gotten you ready to make your resolution to do your Daily Lenormand Read every morning for the New Year to come?  If you want to become fluent and hence proficient with your Lenormand Cards I have thrown down the glove – go on you know you wanna pick it up!

** Dialed back meanings is when we don’t take the Card at full force so to speak.  An example would be The Coffin #8.  If we pull this on a daily and we do so 3 times in one week and we use it at full force – well we are knocking them dead left and right!  Rather we would look at the Coffin during a daily as more than likely an ending and a rather small one at that.  Example – Coffin, Cross, Moon – An ending that causes a crisis at work (I use Moon as a work card) and this turned out to be that I ran out of coffee in the shoppe!  

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