Okay we all have these days !!


Let’s be honest, we all need to take care of ourselves as Readers, no matter the system or tools you choose to use.  As we work the Arts of Divination we all need to take sometime to practice one or more of the items below to help re-charge ourselves –

  1. Get outside and walk.  Nature has it’s own healing abilities that we need not activate with the exception that we must go out and be in it.  Hours spend studying and working with your cards can drain you in many ways – reading for others adds to that but this simple tip is easy to do and FREE.
  2. Take a long, warm shower or bath.  Adding some sea salt to this helps you detox a bit more as well as the water just helping your muscles relax.  You will be amazed at the muscles that you don’t realize are all cramped up from a day with divination until you do this.  This is another tip that is very low cost.
  3. A bit more pricey and not for everyday (how I wish I could) but is helpful – go for a massage.  The benefits of this are endless and really when you think about it how many times do you do something for just you that pampers you?
  4. Meditate or just sit still and as quite as you can be.  The simple act of this intention starts to shift your awareness rather quickly as long as…. you don’t make it hard, judge yourself and hence get frustrated.  We all can meditate just not in the same way – cut yourself some slack here and just “be” with yourself – no cutting yourself some slack doesn’t equate to being a slacker, LOL.
  5. Cleanse your space – this one I have to stress.  Be it Whiteleaf Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense or any other cleansing product of this type, find that one that works for you and use it.  My rule of thumb is that you should cleanse the space you read in at least as often as you vaccum it – normally more but…. it’s a start if it’s only when you physically clean the space.
  6. Schedule a Holiday from readings and studies once in a while.  I perform readings for a living so I pretty much go at it every day except, my  Holiday from readings is EVERY night after 8pm – no cards, no books, no…..    You might need to follow the same sort of schedule as I, I don’t know, but do not doubt that constant work with divination with no break is the same as your daily work of any other kind – you can burn yourself out if you don’t watch it.
  7. The list can go on and on take these as just the start of suggestions.

So when your readings get a bit off track, your attention/focus/intention is for naught or you have had the reading from He..  try one of the above – we as Reader’s occupy a very special place in the world and we have to start to learn to properly take of ourselves and honor that, so we can do the best at our divinations that we are capable of!

Please note – do not engage in strenuous exercise and in some cases partake of massage without making sure your Physician approves.  In some cases you may also be allergic to certain incense or such, don’t use what your body doesn’t like for cleansing work!!!!

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