This is a first for me,  giving you a review before I have seen the work but from experience I know all about this –


Yes it is true and it is coming very very soon!

So now why would I write about something I have not read as of yet or that is not available?  And why oh why would I be so excited about it??

I perform readings for a living, Lenormand is my tool of preference but that wasn’t always so – I came from Tarot background.  I must admit at the start I was a somewhat stereotypical American Tarot snob (oh I see the mail pouring in about this post already) and couldn’t believe anything could get me to put down my Rider Waite’s.  Well that was true at the start of my Lenormand travels.

I worked with Rana’s Book “The Essential Lenormand”, I devoured “The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook” by Caitlín Matthews and followed (and still do) the work of these two ladies as well as Stella Waldvogel and Andy Boroveshengra.  I was lucky enough to take a course or two with Andy B. online and learned so much from him, and all the people I have noted along with others far too numerous to mention but… something was missing. You know that sort of, something is missing but you don’t know what it is let alone how to remedy the issue?

Enter Björn Meuris.  I had heard of him and that he was teaching online via a FaceBook page and actually I almost didn’t take the courses he offered.  I mean really, I had searched far and wide, you have no idea how obsessive I can be when on the hunt, and almost passed up these courses as “same ole same old” but decided what the hell, give it a go – BINGO!

Björn took me from being a decent reader of Lenormand and created, and I say this with humility, the Lenormand reader I am – a pretty darn good one.  His way of explaining the cards, while not radically different from what I had heard before, was just that little bit more I needed and when it came to the Grand Tableau (GT), his way of explaining the Method of Distance made the lightbulb over my head go on.  I can’t tell you how reading his work, and it was not extensive in the classes back then that he offered by the way, really made all the pieces click.


(Yes it is a second volume you are not seeing things)

My knowledge of Lenormand and the GT started to flow, and flow far more easily then it ever had before and….. with greater depth of understanding and hence the information I received reflected this.  My clients noticed right away that there had been a shift in my readings.  What had been a “fun, different tool for readings, those Lenormand Cards” became what my clients wanted – no more Tarot for them.

So with all of this said you can see how I can be very excited to see these books come out.  Björn, there is no other way to say this, is a class act.  He shares freely and openly a depth of understanding that I aspire to achieve with Lenormand and he does so with no attitude.  I have interacted with him a few times over the past few years and each and every time he has been supportive, informative and most of all kind.

So my bookshelf and reference section of Lenormand knowledge is about to grow by two books and I do believe they may make up a large part of the required reading I insist of my students who study with me in-person.  Just so you all know that adds these two books to my already required reading list of;

The Essential Lenormand by Rana George

The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook by Caitlín Matthews

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards by Andy Boroveshengra

I know there are other books much anticipated coming out in English in 2018 but I have to say this up front and from the heart – if you have to consider what books to buy and you in 2018 on Lenormand and you are on a budget- there is no doubt in my mind that these are the ones to purchase!!

And just another note before I hit the “publish” button, I have it on good authority (okay I asked Björn, I admit it, and I am spilling the beans) this Encyclopedia is going to be added to in the future, perhaps up to 3 more volumes – YES!!!!!!!!

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