So many stories have started this way that I have enjoyed I couldn’t resist!

As many of you know I am a fan, HUGE fan of cartomantic systems.  I like my cards practical, direct and functional in almost any situation, this being the case I have always been less then thrilled with the “newer” oracle systems as I have found them to be to “one card solves all your issues” or “flowery” for my tastes.  That changed a few weeks ago when I started working with Mildred’s Deck.

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Deck was the beginning of my journey into a new oracle system well worth the time investigating to see if it might be your cup of tea (make sure Mildred didn’t add anything to that tea, just saying) to work with.  It is a keyword based oracle system and could actually be used in a manner that would be similar to my beloved Lenormand.  But before you say “oh no another do this, follow that” deck system and I like to be more fluid or intuitive with my reads – stick around you still might find this tea to your liking.

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Deck (52 Oracle Cards), Mildred’s Letter (an add-on/booster pack deck of 15 cards) is created by Deviant Moon, Inc., the artist being Patrick Valenza, is based upon a quirky, dark and fictional (or is it???) back story.  Young Mildred Payne was placed in an clinical setting, Fenwood Asylum, because she kept on talking to spirits.  I won’t go into the whole backstory but, let us just say I think Mildred may have more lives then a black cat and with the Spring thaw of 2018 just around the corner they may dig up what is reported to be her grave and then……

But I digress.  This oracle comes with a short, very short list of meanings or rather keywords – as I said much like my beloved Lenormand cards with a difference though.  At the beginning of the list we are told that using intuition and creativity is something the deck thrives on.  Well I agree and wholeheartedly as long as (if you know me you knew this was coming) you stick to being in the ball park of what the card image stands for.  So if the image of Poison tells you “oh your hopes and dreams of redemption will be….” I think Mildred might frown upon that flagrant a use of your creativity, lol.  I do know that the final card, #67 Star has already received the added meaning from my intuition as “a way to shine” and it worked out to perfection in a reading I gave someone while giving this deck a test drive so yes, add some more meanings to the card images by all means.

And the images?  Well Mildred was a young girl with no formal artistic training of any great amount (that I know of that is) and the images reflect that.  As below you can see –


both the original deck and the Seance Edition, those in blue, are shown and the images are simple and direct – much like the information the deck gives you.  Mildred”s oracle doesn’t pull many punches and that suits me right down to the ground.  I did also do a count of the cards as in what type they fall into, by my count of 67 cards 29 of them are rewarding in nature, 17 neutral and 19 challenging in nature with on that could be either neutral or challenging and another either rewarding or challenging.  What I am say with this info – the deck isn’t slanted towards being dark as some might suspect from the name or the back story – you know that old adage don’t judge a book by it’s cover right?

The deck comes with a basic one card, two and three card spreads so here also you have creativity to work with what you will.  Personally I am working on incorporating some older not often used Tarot spreads as well as one of the Romany style spreads and finding they work well – I will share these with you as I go along so if you are not following this blog I suggest you do by clicking follow at the bottom of the page.  I would also be interested in hearing from you and what spreads you are using and any additional meanings you have intuited from the deck.

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle deck – how long I have waited for a deck like you to come along I can’t quite say but you were surely worth the wait.  Now I have to wait still for the Spring thaw to see if at Fenwood they discover your grave from the cryptic notes you have left with your decks or is it something else………..

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