You know what I like?  I like when someone sees something, sees that it is wrong and then takes steps to correct the error(s).  No fuss, no excuses, just fixes it and makes it right.  U.S. Games Systems, Inc did just that with their Blue Bird Lenormand.

This deck is the replacement deck to the Blue Owl deck that had some type of distribution or manufacturers issues not related to U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  U.S. Games Systems, Inc. put the deck together but, and in their defense they are not known for Lenormand (or as of yet they are not, we shall see….) decks, it was put together and obviously by someone who really didn’t understand the nuances of the Lenormand System.  Well that is all fixed now and the result – very nice.


Above is an example of one of the corrections – the original version is on the left, the updated version on the right.  We actually have card #22 being a Crossroad not a Road – with one of the major meaning of the card being choices or decisions we see this much more plainly illustrated and clear to any Reader.


Another example, #4 the House card.  Here we see again the original version on the left, the updated version on the right.  We also see that the House is clearly the focus of the card and not – ahem – a crossroad  which of course has nothing to do with the meaning of the House card.


And then we have the Significator Cards #28 Man/Lord and #29 Woman/Lady – these are all from the updated deck and…. they actually can face each other, a huge thing when you read directionally like I and all the students I personally teach do.

Now is this it in the updates and corrections of the deck?  Not at all. The deck was gone through card by card and they did a fine job at taking what I originally felt was an unusable deck and creating something that anyone can now read with.  Is it a perfect deck?  No and I have yet to find a deck, in my opinion this is, that is perfect for everyone.  Everyone will find a fault or two in any deck so the perfect deck, again in my opinion this is, is the goal that while sought after – cannot be attained, we humans are a fickle bunch when it comes to our card decks !!!

Bravo U.S. Games Systems, Inc for seeing a problem and taking the time, energy and yes money to fix this.