I am always amused at how we, myself included, put people into boxes.  What I mean by that is we get used to seeing them in a certain way and that’s the box we just throw them in all the time, like Judy has 4 kids, she is in the Mom box, Terry reads Tarot cards, he is in the psychic box and…….  you get what I mean.  And why say this?  People are always surprised when I talk about other subjects near and dear to my heart besides Card Reading, Crystals is one of those subjects.


The above picture is the sideboard in our dining area with a collection of crystals I was using to create a grid for a distance healing I was to perform.  (Yes, before you ask, the box does give away another facet of mine, I was initiated and trained receiving my Master attunement in 1998 in Reiki.)  When I decided to post the picture it sparked a flurry of questions, then I posted another photo, I will share another time, on Instagram about Crystal Grid supplies I was getting together and…. more interest and surprise.

Now before we get going on this lets understand something, I am not a Crystal Guru or Master in any way shape or form.   Just like my beloved Lenormand Cards that I work with, I am no ones Guru on these subjects.  Okay – had to get that out of the way.

Crystals came into my life as a child yes but as a serious subject, around 1996 or so is when that started.  I started learning the basics and reading up on the subject and slowly bought a small supply of different types of crystals.  Now I learned a lot just from the crystals themselves – yes they do teach you as you go along.  I also learned that it is a body of work that while there are some basic rules (you know me and my love of structure) that in large it is very much based on intuition.  Okay sit down while you read this part now, I embrace that thought fully with working with Crystals.  Need a cool drink now?

Yes I know, I beat people over the head with using systems first, intuition second with Card Reading but with Crystals it is almost the reverse and….. I embrace that AND I enjoy that.  The Crystals can’t talk to us like the Cards can, think on that and you will understand how it makes sense to me, but I digress.

Crystals are an amazing tool which when used with focused intention can accomplish just about anything.  My dear friend, Helen Celestine Escoffier taught me much of what I know of Crystals and how to interact with them.  She taught me it IS interaction with them, it is not working with them.  A fine degree of separation one might think but it was a major learning point for me that I can never thank her enough for.  She passed away a few years ago while in her early 50’s – her loss is deeply felt by me to this day but what helps me with it is the gift she gave me of Crystals and their energies.  She even taught me, hindsight shows us so much, how you can use a Crystal to help with grief – I didn’t realize perhaps she was teaching me that for a reason…..

Need a new job – Crystals.  Need to draw in Love into your life – Crystals.  Need to set up a protective field of energy around your home – Crystals.  As long as you have a good solid intention Crystals should be able to help you get it done.  Yes help, you still have to do some good old fashioned leg work on the physical plane to make things happen and manifest as well.

So here we go, another facet of Hugh exposed, much like another facet on a Crystal.  If you have an interest in learning to work with Crystals and even how to lay Crystal Grids then drop me a line.  Enough interest in this subject and I will continue but….. Card Readings will still take place also !!!!!