Where is he? What is he doing? Is he okay? Yes, these and more I have been hearing in regards to me and…. it’s all good and I am better then fine, I am just learning how to –

Okay yes I understand the irony of running a blog and web based business and writing about this but it has become a huge life changer for me and in all ways positive, let me explain.  Before I do explain though let me ask you this, read to the end of this blog post for the reason for posting this may well be different from what you might think.  In fact the this posting might leave you with more then just one thought to ponder.

I found myself about a year and a half to two years ago not being as happy as I was used to being.  I was running a brick and mortar shoppe that was not doing well and I thought, okay that’s it – wrong.  At that time I had also picked up along the way some people in my life who were prone to drama (more then the usual as we all do have some of that) and/or very secretive types, so I did as I have in the past and cleaned my social house up – that wasn’t the total answer either.

So the past few months has seen me falling back upon the tools of my trade, crystals, cards, prayer, energy work, healings, spell-work – you get the picture.  And it led me to certain answers, certain answer that are leading me to be very honest and transparent because of this work I do and love;

  1. You may or may not be aware but I am just over 5 years now of being sober.  I did that not through any group, not that there is anything wrong with that at all, but cold turkey after having just awakened one morning and saying to myself, “I can’t live this way anymore.”  I did well that after having become perhaps the most infamous member of Silver Ravenwolf’s Black Forest Clan and personally betraying and hurting her and many others in the process – alcohol will make you lie like no one’s business is all I can say – I won’t cause further hurt by expounding upon that time of my life to those I have already caused enough harm to – nor will I ever ask they accept this or any other writing as a type of apology, I wouldn’t insult them in that manner either.  My utmost respect and love still go to Silver and the BFC is how I will end this.
  2. I left Social Media.  Now after the first bullet point you might say to yourself” well this doesn’t rank up there” and you would be wrong.  I left social media because I have spent years, nay, decades learning to be a “sensitive” and expand my abilities in many way to assist others – social media causes me to have anxiety and depression not to mention absorb a huge amount of my time that can be spent in actually being social in real life.  “Don’t you shield or protect yourself from this type of energy” is what I hear in the back of my head from some of you as I type this – Yes I do and…. the first step in any metaphysical process is to take the common sense approach and for me that was just leave social media. People have been shocked and insulted that I could do this, some are wondering how you can survive without it and to this I will say – it’s not for everyone to walk away but for me it caused life to become much more enjoyable.  I have kept in touch with some, Toni Puhle of the WDA for one, and have always said – just email me if you need something so I can’t say on this point I feel any guilt at all!
  3. I have turned down the influence of the News.  Okay, I will not live in a hole with a rock over the opening but, I will also not listen to never ending coverage of events as they unfold – watching a train wreck in process (and oh do we have so many, in so many countries these days) is not my style.  I now listen to the news once a day and get on with doing what I can to make a difference in the world.
  4. I realized my practice of my spiritual faith had waned, not due to point one, but some how I just lost touch with it.  As I reinstated my practices, Wicca a huge part, life came back into a good place.  Yes I know I always teach and told others to do this – okay so I was not practicing my faith, walking my talk, as I should have been.  The Warlock is back in the house is all I will say – yes I realize some take offense to that term – I own it with pride as calling myself a Wizard (too Harry Potter) or a Male Witch doesn’t work, at least for me, Warlock is my gender specific term for us guys who practice! And taking an old word and changing it to fit modern times is done all the time before we go there.

So why did you type this blog up for me to read.  “Was it to come clean on some dirty secret skeletons in your closet” you say?  Okay maybe in part that is true but as important as that is, there is something else to learn from this – when you become involved, truly involved in the world of Cartomancy (card reading) you will find that until you deal with the truth that the cards show you, you won’t get much further down the path of your life.  The Cards were repeatedly telling me about the above points, how much so I can’t say strong enough.

I have heard from others, Rana George, Toni Puhle, Caitlín Matthews to name a few, the Cards will tell you straight up how it is and unless you heed the advice don’t expect so much to change in your life.  My Lenormand Cards have been hounding me to do just this, type up this blog posting, tell people what I have been through and go through and…. deal with the fallout as it happens.  Some will love my honestly others will see a rogue witch and run the other way – so be it.  The Cards gave the guidance and I listen.

Yes, fallout comes when you are honest, fallout also comes when you face things that you need address as you but thing to rights and in balance due to a of a Card reading.  I am ready to move forward, fall out or not, are you sure you are?  “Be careful what you wish for” is the old adage, be careful what you read about might well be my advice here to you.