The goal I strive for in providing a reading is that it is clear, concise and on target, one that the person I am reading for (I call that person the Sitter as they Sit for the reading) can understand and work with.  I hear most often from those new to readings (and yes sometime the veterans as well, as don’t we all tend to forget things learned long ago), that they can’t seem to obtain that sense of clarity when reading the cards or trying to verbalize what they are saying – let’s see if we can cover some areas to help that out.  I will post a few different blogs over time to do this as many subjects can influence how you perform your readings and their clarity.

First off lets look at the conditions we are reading within.  While you may learn to read in almost any environment as you progress in experience, creating the right environment for you to read within is important, especially when new to readings or in a new physical space.  You can make this as spiritual or non-spiritual a process and space as you like.  You will quickly see my preference from below but remember, that is my preference and doesn’t need to be yours.

The first thing I look at is the physical space and if this going to be a permanent reading space or a temporary or perhaps part-time reading space.  I am currently going through a relocation and downsize as we make plans for retirement (don’t worry I will never retire from readings) and I am going from a full time entire room to perform my readings and spiritual work within to a part-time use the dining room area situation.  Guess what, either can work, you just need to make adjustments for your situation, the temporary or part-time space just needs to be “portable” if you will.  I mention this early on so you can start the planning process in your head, yes visualize what you will for the space you will be working in and where it will go and be ready for it to shape-shift over time, your needs may change or grow as you learn and dare I say, as you age.

Cleanliness, yes you need to keep a clean space and there are no housekeeping shortcuts here.  Make sure the reading area is clean and neat, knocking over items while reading and not having enough table space to lay out the cards is nothing if not a total distraction and this will blow your focus and effect your clarity right away.  Then make sure that table top is clean, having mayo from junior’s sandwich all over your cards is not a good thing.

The area needs a clean energy to it as well.  Use clearing and cleansing methods you normally do to move out any stale or negative energies present and invite in new, fresh and supportive energies for your reading. If you don’t have a practice of clearing and cleansing then smudging with incense or a sage bundle is a good place to start (making sure no one is allergic to what you use please) but I do suggest you research this subject and tailor it to you.  I do this at least once a week in my private room space and will more then likely move to a daily basis when I share the dining area space – close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the energy in the area and you decide when it needs to be done.

So now we have a space that is clean both physically and energetically, good job!  Now onto what you might find more fun – what goes in your space and on your reading table, be ready to get creative but…… keep it under control, the idea of less is more often works best for reading spaces.

Personally I like to first invite in Spirit by having a representation of that in my space.  Now I am not getting all preachy here, not my job, but I am saying if you are comfortable with having supportive and guiding energies of Spirit in your space – Go For It.  I have a statute of my Patroness in my area, she is on a shelf with a candle lit in her honor as well as a few small items important to her.  I sometimes have gazed at her during a reading when I have needed help and she has never failed to assist. Others like Angels around, some like wall hangings of mandalas – whatever form Spirit and the tools you relate to working with Spirit feel right are, just remember if you have a Sitter present with you, you want them to feel comfortable in the surroundings as well.

My table top is rather plain I must admit.  I use a dark colored cloth, indigo blue is typical with astrological symbols or moon and stars as a backdrop for the reading.  On top of that a candle and clear quartz crystal as well as a clear glass full of spring water, these are things that Mama Silver trained me to work with each for their own reason.  An antique key that was gifted to me is also present as well as the cards I will be using and a pendulumn for quick verifications if need be.  That is it on my table, like I mentioned, less is more for most reader’s tables, again we don’t want to create distractions from our work.

I finish off this with sound and scent.  Now a hint on scent – if you are reading for someone in person and you don’t know their allergies and likes and dislikes don’t use incense and scented candles.  A coughing, teary eyed Sitter is not going to enjoy their reading or really actually stay for one.

That now said, I usually burn Myrrh  incense, for me it’s the right energy and scent for a reading.  In the background, and almost so quite that you can’t hear it, is music.  I like the non-verbal Celtic type but I also am prepared to turn it off as for some Sitter’s any type of music no matter how soft is a distraction to them and effects their clarity of obtaining the reading.

Now here is the homework – start thinking out your reading space.  For those with a permanent space able to dedicate it just to readings, the options are endless, you can even choose to repaint a room, I did.  For those with a shared space or on the go routine I suggest the “have readings will travel bag” idea.  I suggest this for everyone actually as one day you might need it.  In this bag, box, or tote is all the supplies you need to perform a reading, you will really appreciate the less is more when you work this way.  Just make sure you can quickly unpack and pack it up and don’t forget if candles are in your bag to have a lighter packed as well.

And this all does one thing no matter where your space is – it creates a place and time where you can focus and thus gain more clarity while reading.  Now I did not address that you need to have quite and time – I leave this to you and your creative process when designing your space to also build this into it.  This might be your biggest challenge I know, but with planning you can do it and no reading was ever clear if interruptions abound and the sound of “what’s for dinner” is echoing in your ear!

I look forward to blogging about another way to cultivate Clarity in your readings soon and in the mean time I would love to hear how you set up your space.  Post a comment here and please do invite your friends to do so as well and follow my blog to learn more themselves.

PS – On purpose I did not explain my use of tools, such as the clear quartz crystal or my Patroness.  I do so not to keep a “secret”,  but rather to keep on target that this series of blog posts is about Clarity, not my practices – perhaps in the future I will go through those, stay tuned and we shall see.