There is no doubt in the World of Cartomancy there are a number of people I admire and respect. Andy Boroveshengra, Rana George, Toni Puhle, Benebell Wen, and Stella are just a few. Wait Stella? Who is Stella did you ask – well if you don’t know Stella it’s about time you did.

Stella is an old fashioned, sassy card reader with a style and flair all of her own. She is insightful and yes at times in your face with her views – hmmm remind you of anyone? She is one of those people I would like to sit and talk to over a pot of coffee and a good deck of Lenormand or Kipper cards – and she is who started me thinking of posts for this 2020 Presidential Election here in the USA.

First off Stella can be found at and in her blog you will find a posting with the same title as the one above, a 2020 election reading. I contacted her after reading her post and asked her to share the wording to the question she used and I would then follow suit and do the same – here we go;

First the question – What effect will the next election have on the office of POTUS? I didn’t change one word of this, its is exactly as she posted to me in the comments of her post.

Here are the cards I drew and yes Stella and I have the same amazing taste in cards so I used the same deck that she did, Mlle LeNormand’s Wahrsage Karten der Engel which you can find at

Now I am going to NOT post my breakdown of my reading here as Stella did, instead I am going to pose this to you – using the same question and the Lenormand reading system cast your own Portrait Spread and see how they fall for you. I am finding it interesting to see the comparison between Stella’s reading and mine, both what is similar and what is different – or when you really look at it is it all that different?

I would love for you to add a link to this post and let us get a head start on what is sure to be an interesting 2020 Election!

May I add in closing that Stella’s website is well worth your time to peruse – I learned a lot from reading her blogs and I guess you might as well.