When performing readings, using any tool you choose to do so, clarity is of ultimate importance to whom you are reading for. Cultivating how best to achieve this should be an ongoing pursuit – one can never get good enough at this.

Part One was basically all about Focus, Part Two will be dedication to your readings, perhaps another kind of focus you might say.

I have been involved in the studies of divination systems since some time in the early 70’s. Tarot was the name of the game here in America back then and with few resources you learned as best you could. In the 80’s I started learning Runes and Playing Cards and in general the resources for divination studies were growing. The 90’s to current date has added Petit Lenormand and Kipper Cards to my repertoire. With a fun “side of ” an oracle called Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle and the her additional deck of Dark Enchantment my studies are quite a full time job.

So basically we have 5 systems with my personal fun Mildred systems added over the course of 40 years (geez that hurts to even type how long I have been doing this) and I am at my limit. Now again, I do this more or less full time so I do admit I have more time then the average person does to work with my divination tools. Okay you say, where is he going with this? Let me tell you oh inquisitive one.

The internet and the plethora of divination tools that we now have access to through it is almost staggering in it’s volume. And…. it is growing by the day or at least seems to be in my eyes. With all of this and, I admit I will be doing this shortly as well, teachings via the internet venue it is like the candy store of divination and children (no insult to any of you) are running wild through the aisles grabbing a bit of this and that and ending up with – a divination tummy ache.

There comes a time when, if you are a serious reader of a divination system, that you have to dedicate yourself to just a system or two to learn. Tarot, as an example, is a life time work of study no matter how you look at it. The Lenormand system I love so much, with only 36 cards might I add, still teaches me something daily about how to work with it. If as a student of divination you truly want to learn the depths of a system – you have to limit yourself to what you study.

Okay, so now I ruined your fun – but not really. I can’t tell you the joy I find in Lenormand and I only found that by, diving in deep and working my way through the cards in such a wide multitude of ways that shocked even myself with what they could do. I literally lived with the cards for months on end and that was to just feel I have the basics down. Now I find there are not many questions I can’t answer with this little deck, okay yes I need to think out a question or two from time to time. I only got there by concentration on ONE system. I didn’t fall prey to running to this oracle and that, the Wooden Pineapple Coins and the Intermittent Mage Stones (okay I made those both up) called but I resisted their lure.

Am I saying don’t ever experiment with something new? Absolutely not but I am saying you only have so much time and if you want to get to a point in your divination studies where you can at least feel you are at an intermediate level (I hesitate to ever say mastered because once I do the tool proves me wrong, lol) and provide concise readings that give clarity then you have to limit yourself. Plain and simple and yes that is my opinion by the way – learn Just a few systems. Again, and not to brag because again it hurts to admit it but I am this old, I have been at this for almost 50 years and look at how I have cultivated really just a few systems.

So at the end of the day/blog post here is the question I guess you need to ask yourself ;

Do I want to become truly good at reading just a couple of divination systems or do I want to know a little about a whole lot of them?

I went with the former, how will you decide and what couple of systems really do call to you if you follow my lead? I hope if nothing else this gives you food for though and help your cultivate yet more Clarity in your readings!

An early Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA readers – don’t eat to much!