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Care of the Reader

Okay we all have these days !!


Let’s be honest, we all need to take care of ourselves as Readers, no matter the system or tools you choose to use.  As we work the Arts of Divination we all need to take sometime to practice one or more of the items below to help re-charge ourselves –

  1. Get outside and walk.  Nature has it’s own healing abilities that we need not activate with the exception that we must go out and be in it.  Hours spend studying and working with your cards can drain you in many ways – reading for others adds to that but this simple tip is easy to do and FREE.
  2. Take a long, warm shower or bath.  Adding some sea salt to this helps you detox a bit more as well as the water just helping your muscles relax.  You will be amazed at the muscles that you don’t realize are all cramped up from a day with divination until you do this.  This is another tip that is very low cost.
  3. A bit more pricey and not for everyday (how I wish I could) but is helpful – go for a massage.  The benefits of this are endless and really when you think about it how many times do you do something for just you that pampers you?
  4. Meditate or just sit still and as quite as you can be.  The simple act of this intention starts to shift your awareness rather quickly as long as…. you don’t make it hard, judge yourself and hence get frustrated.  We all can meditate just not in the same way – cut yourself some slack here and just “be” with yourself – no cutting yourself some slack doesn’t equate to being a slacker, LOL.
  5. Cleanse your space – this one I have to stress.  Be it Whiteleaf Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense or any other cleansing product of this type, find that one that works for you and use it.  My rule of thumb is that you should cleanse the space you read in at least as often as you vaccum it – normally more but…. it’s a start if it’s only when you physically clean the space.
  6. Schedule a Holiday from readings and studies once in a while.  I perform readings for a living so I pretty much go at it every day except, my  Holiday from readings is EVERY night after 8pm – no cards, no books, no…..    You might need to follow the same sort of schedule as I, I don’t know, but do not doubt that constant work with divination with no break is the same as your daily work of any other kind – you can burn yourself out if you don’t watch it.
  7. The list can go on and on take these as just the start of suggestions.

So when your readings get a bit off track, your attention/focus/intention is for naught or you have had the reading from He..  try one of the above – we as Reader’s occupy a very special place in the world and we have to start to learn to properly take of ourselves and honor that, so we can do the best at our divinations that we are capable of!

Please note – do not engage in strenuous exercise and in some cases partake of massage without making sure your Physician approves.  In some cases you may also be allergic to certain incense or such, don’t use what your body doesn’t like for cleansing work!!!!

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Learning Lenormand Card Fluency is Key!

Here is the start of a typical morning for me,  a 3 Card Daily Lenormand “Give me an insight into my day, today”   Yes, after all the years I have been working with cards I still do my dailies and it is how I really start my morning every day, work day or not.  I brew my coffee, feed the cats and when the first cup is done – out come the cards to give me guidance.  Below (using the Enchanted Lenormand by Caitlín Mathews) came out just the other day.  We will talk about it more below (ahem it was all too correct).


Learning Fluency with the Lenormand Cards – it is so much more than just a keyword or two.  What gets you to being fluent with Lenormand, or that matter any divination system, is to work with them everyday as often as possible.  Making a routine of this, like my first cup of the  morning (and yes I have a rule don’t talk to me before I have had it) works well.  If you can start out your day with the cards it is likely you will keep them on your mind as you go about your day and hopefully use them more during the day as well.

Now you will find a few things that will benefit you along the way with doing your daily readings

  1. Because you have drawn your cards in the morning and you are looking to see how they fit into your day and did you predict with them correctly you become more mindful of your day.  Since daily readings are “dialed backed” (see below for dialed back explanation) they make you look at your day in greater detail – even the small things.
  2. You start to see that keywords aren’t all the cards are about – the mundane world of paying bills, missing the train to work, etc. are all here in the cards, we just need to see them.  The “dialed back” meanings help with this and stop looking at them as we often do as always being major events.
  3. Andy Boroveshengra first taught me the meaning of the term “essence of the card” and I can’t thank him enough for that. Doing work with the cards like this teaches you this and the card essence gives you such fluency.  If you have not purchased his book “Lenormand Thirty Six Cards” I highly suggest you do and start to learn more about card essence with Lenormand Cards.

“So you are telling me I should or have to be working with the Cards at least once a day?” I can hear you asking now.  Yep – I am and it takes more than that actually but starting out with committing to doing your daily reads will get you started.  Don’t have time to do daily reads or work with the Cards daily, I can’t make you do that – that is for sure.  I can also not make you a fluent reader either if you can’t do that.

Okay that was a tough last sentence right?  No it was an honest last sentence is what it was.  Ask anyone who has gained a good level of fluency with their cards and, I am sure,  they are going to tell you the same thing.  It takes time, practice and lots of it.  But guess what – you are not running a race.  No one says you have to be up and running on  Monday January 16th (at random date) to perform amazingly accurate readings.  What you do need to do is start to working with them EVERY day.

Now daily draws are wonderful and give you a heads up as well.  The one pictured at the top of this posting?  Well it warned me of a woman who I thought was a friend perhaps not acting so – Ahem then I see a posting on Facebook with not one Woman I thought was a friend but a number of them all talking about me wearing tights to the upcoming Readers Studio 2018.  Friends like this I need???  Gotcha Toni Puhle and Gang, you knew I would !!!!!

So have I gotten you ready to make your resolution to do your Daily Lenormand Read every morning for the New Year to come?  If you want to become fluent and hence proficient with your Lenormand Cards I have thrown down the glove – go on you know you wanna pick it up!

** Dialed back meanings is when we don’t take the Card at full force so to speak.  An example would be The Coffin #8.  If we pull this on a daily and we do so 3 times in one week and we use it at full force – well we are knocking them dead left and right!  Rather we would look at the Coffin during a daily as more than likely an ending and a rather small one at that.  Example – Coffin, Cross, Moon – An ending that causes a crisis at work (I use Moon as a work card) and this turned out to be that I ran out of coffee in the shoppe!  

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How Do They Work?

You would think after this many years of reading cards and running a business of doing such I would be used to certain questions – nope, some you never get used to and in this case I think that is a good thing.  A gentleman asked the simple question “How do these cards work” and that always, no matter how many times I am asked gives me a moment of respectful and reflective pause.


Now if you have read any of my blog posts or know me, you know I may profess a level of experience with various card systems but I never profess to being a “Master” or such of any of them.  In my book they, the cards that is, are always teaching you, so how can you have Mastered something if in fact you are always learning more and more?  This question brings that to light as well.

There are different thoughts as to how the cards work –

  • Your Guides, Spirits, Totems (you get where I am going here) determine which cards show up and where in the spread they appear.
  • The Cards show up by chance or randomness, the same with their placement
  • The Reader’s mind effects the deck and choose the cards and their placements – some might say it was their Higher Self if you will

And these ideas or theories are just some of those that I have heard.  You have to, as the person reading or being read for, decide this for yourself – that much I can say I know.  One very popular Reader of Lenormand feels their is no Spiritual connection to the Cards and the readings yet – the readings that are performed by this person are amazing I will say.  Others feel they are totally Spiritual, I can weigh in here and say honestly it is never my place to tell another how they should or should not feel about a belief for or against the Spiritual that is purely for the person making the decision to decide.

So you wonder, how do I answer that question?  It’s very easy and it goes back in part to what I was taught when I first started reading cards – The Cards are always right, it is how we interpret them that can be wrong.  That might sound like a cop out, it is not, ask any experienced reader and I am sure they will agree.  So the Cards are always right but what places them on the table, versus others and why do they end up where they do?

After decades of reading, more then modesty permits me to admit to, I can honestly and wholeheartedly declare – I don’t know.   What I do know is they work and at the end of the day that is good enough for me.  If you need a “reason” why they work, have a good sit down or meditate and decide for yourself, in the end I don’t fix what is not broken as the old saying goes.

But please, ask me again someday, because it always causes me to sit back a moment and ponder the question and in honesty when you work in the World of Cards, giving thought to how things work is a good and humbling thing – to say the least!


And then this reading happens…..


It’s a Secret!

I have been reading cards for, well for more years then I really care to admit but okay I started when I was 5.  Really, some of my childhood friends still remember me with Tarot cards at that age. And why do I bring this up?  Well you would think I have built up a thick skin by now but…….

The other day I did a reading for someone and I was sort of dumbfounded with her response at the end.  “Well I THOUGHT that the cards would have shown what is important to me, not what you talked about.  I THOUGHT the real issues of my life and the  decisions I have made……….”  Okay you get the hint here, she was waiting for things to be said that were not, and she was upset about that in a big way, and I have to say it got under my skin and it took me a bit to realize why.

First off, as I have always said, the cards are always right, it’s how we interpret them that can be wrong.  Well I happened to remember this spread like the back of my hand (due to the way she reacted) and I re-constructed it and sat with it and guess what – I was spot on and I have not a doubt about it.  If you know me, then you know this is not ego talking, I took well over an hour dissecting this spread this time around just to make sure.  So then I took my cards and start getting nosey, if you will, about why the reaction and why she treated me so poorly.

Well we have to know the cards told me in great length what was going on here and why they didn’t address “what she THOUGHT’ would appear.   The answer – why bother talking about that, she has made up her mind, isn’t going to change it and why then address it?  On the surface she appears open to what you will say, she is not and has taken all steps to block any information that you might give her to the contrary of what she thinks is in her best interest.

She walked in and wanted validation is what this boiled down to and that’s okay many people do, but most people are also open to hearing a different twist on something – not this Lady and the cards knew it and just headed off into other areas of her life instead.  They knew that saying about “talking to a wall” and headed off the confrontation.  So where am I headed with this?  Good question.

I sense most of all this was a lesson in you can’t make everyone happy, even when you are trying your best and know you are on target.  People are going to hear what they want, judge how they want to and ultimately leave a reading with the information they want to – not necessarily what you said by the way.  If someone wants a reading from you, yet is totally not open to having a reading the cards will figure this out faster then you and….. won’t waste their time with giving information that isn’t going to be received kindly.  The  person isn’t blocking the cards from reading them, no they are just putting their time where best spent – on subjects that the person may be open to hearing about.

So the Secret of this?  Read the way you do and trust in your abilities AND trust in the cards.  People don’t block you from reading them, the cards just won’t play into their games and drama and allow you to get into a debate that you can’t win.

We consult cards to gain wisdom and insight, and they give us that in more ways then one. It’s not just the information they convey that is important, what the cards are not talking about can be just as important – think about that!  

Until we shuffle the cards together next, Happy Readings, Hugh

PS – many thanks to Sarah for allowing me to use her beautiful photo,   XOXO

This Clover “Issue”


On July 25th, I might be off a day, a video explaining a different way of reading the Clover (#2) card in the Lenormand Card System was posted by Donnaleigh.  The following day I started getting emails as to when did this meaning change, why did the meaning change and just general confusion.

Simple – it didn’t change!

What Donnaleigh is explaining in the video is that she is using a Brazilian method of reading the Lenormand cards when interpreting the meaning of the Clover.  She is not invalidating what you already know or how you should read the Clover – she is showing you another way to read it.  It is akin to the “Work” card being Moon here, Fox over there and…….    it is a different system of reading the cards, some call them Schools of how to read the cards.

Now if you look at it in terms of how many read the Clouds card and that Clouds can in fact take two cards, one of them being the Clover, and make it negative – I see where you are getting confused.  Is it then making the Clover “super” negative since it now has this little bit of not so good in it already?  My answer – I don’t know because I don’t read the Clover as Donnaleigh has outlined.

If you are using Essential Lenormand by Rana George or The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook by Caitlín Matthews reading the Clover may not work when interpreting with the way these two ladies present how to read cards either, so I can see the confusion there as well.  (I have not consulted with either of these two wonderful ladies before you ask or quote me here.) You need to decide if this way that Donnaleigh has presented makes sense to your way of reading Lenormand – no one else.  You also  then need to use this way of reading the Clover  consistently – keeping consistently in Lenormand Card meanings is Key, no pun intended.  Don’t use it when it is easier, faster, etc. use it and stick with it if it is your choice to use it.

What you were given in the video that Donnaleigh created about the Clover was information.  Now how you choose to use it, not use it or in fact abuse it – that is totally in the hands of you, the Reader.  I am writing this blog so that I have covered this subject and can politely say I won’t be addressing this “issue”, and its in quotes because I don’t think it is an issue, again.  Beating a dead horse – not my style.


Golden Tarot

Greetings All!

So you are so used to me talking about Lenormand it might come as a shock, pleasant I do hope, that I read Tarot as well.  On that note I was looking for a deck to use to teach a Tarot class with and I found this –


Golden Tarot – by US Games Inc.

created by Kat Black

This deck is just exquisite.  The cards are collages of artwork from the Late Middle Ages and early Renaissance period and it has been masterfully done to follow a Rider Waite Style of deck as much as the art can allow.  With the time period of the art kept in mind and my poor photography skills as noted above, you can see how rich and vibrant the art is – you almost want to garb your self in your Ren Faire best when you sit with them.  How this deck can transport you to another era by its artwork is an easy observation to make, experiencing it and how it can assist you with your readings – there my friends is where this deck creator proved herself.

The card stock is excellent and though a bit stiff at first should hold up well.  The edges are gold gilt – a favorite of mine I admit, so I would advise that you don’t “riffle” shuffle these as that constant bending of the cards can wreak havoc on the gilt.  You will also, like many new out of the box decks, have to go through and ensure that each card is separate from the others – they like to stick together like good friends do.  This all said once you break them in a little bit they do shuffle quite well and breaking them in gives you more time to look at the artwork.

The box is quite sturdy as well.  It is a lift off top/display type of box.  It works quite nicely as once you shuffle the cards you can lay out the spread of your choice and place the remaining cards back in the box.  Standing nicely as it does, if you need to pull another card from the deck to clarify something you will find them nicely at your finger tips and neatly together.  For those of you who might be a bit organized obsessed like I tend to be – this is a little piece of heaven on your reading table.

And last but not least is the Guidebook which accompanies the deck.  While you will find meanings for each card as is typical, you will also find a treasure trove information on art, specifically the parts of each card and what art pieces they came from.  Now while I am not an art historian by any stretch of the imagination I can already see I will be sitting down with my iPad and using Google to look up at least some of these pieces.  I think part of the fun of this will be seeing where the pieces came from and how Kat “pieced” these together.  I love a good puzzle to figure out , hence why I adore reading cards, so trying to see how this whole process happened is going to be interesting.

So if you are looking for a deck that will prove sturdy to stand up over time while also taking you back in time, look no further, Golden Tarot is for you.

Shuffle well my friends!



Another Deck?!?

As most of you already know I read the cards professionally as my full time job.  Tarot, Lenormand, Kipper and even Gypsy cards are available to my client’s depending on their needs and what is appropriate to their situation.  But at night…………. other cards come out !!

I love to work with decks and systems that are a bit more obscure during my free time.  Yes I am a hooked on divination and I make no excuses for it.  This being said about a year or perhaps more ago I came across this deck – Die Zauberkarten der Mademoiselle Le Normand – or – The Magickal Cards of Mlle Le Normand.  These cards were rediscovered by Caitlín Matthews who had the good fortune of also acquiring the booklet  that went with them.  The translation of the booklet was done for her by Helen Riding.


This deck is a delight for those like me who like multiple systems because you find different systems within this deck.  We have a mix of Gypsy, Kipper and Lenormand cards all here as well as some I have not seen anywhere else.  This deck is compromised of 46 cards so not all cards of any one system are found within AND you will find the cards you may know from another system have a much different meaning here.  For those of you who are up for a challenge – I highly suggest working with this deck.  The art work of the cards is wonderful and I must admit my photography skills are woefully inadequate to how beautiful these cards truly are.

Caitlin did a lot of work on the booklet that was supplied with the deck I purchased.  Besides the translation she added more contemporary or modern meanings to the cards and these proved quite helpful.  Then she also clarified and made sense of what I must admit is the most confusing system of shuffling and sorting cards out that I have seen in quite some time.  I admire Caitlín for her ability to “cut to the chase” and in setting the system of laying out the cards to be more simplified she did just that.  Bravo !!

Now where you get to have more fun is this – you have to really decide how to lay out the cards.  There are a couple of spreads in Caitlín’s booklet but I decided to go out on my own and work it differently, with what I think is great success.  You do have two significator cards, a Woman and Man (very reminiscent of other systems) and I always pull out one to lay with the spread I am working on giving me a deck of 45 then in play. From there I use what you may think of as a more a directional based Kipper style of reading method and as above I used a Star of 13 spread.  You will note the Woman card is center as the significator with the cards spread around it.  Depending on my question depends on the method of how I read it, again based on a Kipper spread.  Is this the only way to read with these cards – absolutely not but half the fun is figuring out what will work best for you!

So is this a Deck Review?  No it’s not.  What this blog is about is the idea that sometimes we have to shake things up, learning something new and change (as in this time the meanings of some cards) what we already know.   This leads us to exercise our divination minds, expand and modify how we work and hopefully learn how to work with cards, any cards that is, in a more flexible and fluid way.  I am all for working with traditional systems, anyone who knows me will attest to that, but I also find it interesting when we find a system without “all the pieces/parts” laid out for us, to use what we already know and put it to use in different ways.  Knowledge is never wasted unless it is not used.

You may find this deck at Caitlín’s website,  clicking this link should bring you right to the page with this deck but also look around at what other treasures she has there.

Shuffle well my friends!

Why Learn Multiple Divination Tools?


I own and run Spellbound of Nyack, a small little shoppe (almost tiny) tucked away in an equally tiny indoor shopping center.  Most of what I tend to carry are candles and incense but you will find a growing selection of Divination tools and it is those, to my great delight, that cause the most conversations.  One conversation seems to win out over all others (except that is “which is your favorite deck” which I don’t answer )  and that is the question of “why would I want to learn different divination methods or tools?”

That is a great question!

You can read cards of Tarot, Kipper, Lenormand or Oracle Cards.  You can cast Charms or the Runes.  Shells and the Bones can be cast as well.  Astrology ( I don’t speak that language very well, lol) is yet another form of divination and the list goes on and on.  What different systems you learn isn’t really the point, learning them is and here is why, well actually the multiple here are whys are;

  • Validation, one system versus another giving the same answers or causing you to – see next bullet point
  • Further or more in-depth investigation on a topic
  • You may find certain tools fit you better for certain topics (this varies by person)
  • Having multiple systems gives you a “fallback” for when you seem to be having a rough time with one – could point to the bullet point just above
  • Often you find that studying one system leads to insights into another system you already have experience with – this happens more often then you may think
  • You can become “stale” reading with just one tool, mixing it up keeps you on your toes and ……

This list could go on easily for quite awhile and you can tell how I feel about this subject, its a good idea to read multiple systems/tools.

Now I am not saying you should go out and learn EVERY divination system out there because that leads to, excuse me here, half assed readings.  Why?  Unless you are retired and have a plethora of time on your hands (and even then its a stretch) its hard to become proficient in ALL the systems.  Take this from someone who again owns a shoppe and “lives” in the world of divination almost full time.

I personally am very proficient (I will NEVER say I have Mastered any system) with Tarot, Lenormand, Runes and yes its about time I be open about it, Kipper as well.  I am an intermediate type of skill level with Gypsy Cards and Deste Cards and…… I am a beginner in a few others, namely Charm casting.   Now remember I do this for a living and its my hobby as well, so don’t go judging yourself by me and also, anyone who knows me will know this is not about me bragging about what or how many systems I do know.

So what do I suggest for how many you should read?  Three – yep I gave you a number, Three.  If you become proficient in any three different systems you are pretty much good to go.  Now this doesn’t mean three different Tarot decks, yes I know they all speak a different dialect but it is the same language, before you go there.  If you choose three tools/systems – and I do suggest not all be card based – you will also have the added benefit of having stretched your mind by learning and, trust me it will happen as I said above, learning how the tools/systems relate and integrate.

So did I give you enough to think on?  I hope so!  Part of the goal here was to also challenge you to learn more, I am a big one on keeping everyone a life long student – keeps the brain young!

Until I blog next, Shuffle Well !!      Hugh


Rana George Lenormand, A Review

Perhaps the single most awaited Lenormand Deck ever, I received an advanced copy from US Games, Inc. in order to work with it and read the accompanying Little White Book (LWB) to write this review.  Much thanks to Lynn at US Games, Inc – how quickly you got this to me was quite amazing.  Now …… onto the Deck.

Lets get some basics done first-

The cards are 3 1/2 by 2 1/4 inches, just slightly under the “official” Bridge Card size.  The card stock is good and between the size, the card stock and the finish it shuffles very well straight out of the box.  The cards also have the playing card insets (something I enjoy and work with) as well as being numbered.  On the opposite side of the card from the number is an Arabic symbol (I do hope I am saying that correctly) that I am assuming is also indicative as to the number of the card.  It does add flair of the cards I will say.  I would be remiss if I did not say that the gold foil accents are tastefully done and there is a texture to the cards in the graphics that, well you have to see it to appreciate it.


The box is another good feature.  It is made of the more heavy duty type of double cardboard type of stock (sorry I have no idea what this is called) with a magnet closure.  If you own Maybe Lenormand, Ryan Edward’s deck also by US Games Inc, you will recognize the box type.  This box, and I judge it by the aforementioned deck of Ryan’s, holds up very well to the wear and tear that over time destroys the lesser boxes.

And the LWB – well this is not your Granny’s LWB that’s for sure.  Rana’s flair and style of writing is clearly seen in this informative book.  With her story telling ability and her informative yet informal way of reaching out from the pages, you don’t feel as you are being taught so much as you feel you are sitting with a friend on the sofa, enjoying a good cup of tea and the cards.  I admit I enjoy Rana’s writings immensely and this LWB is no exception.  I won’t spoil this by talking about it too much – just get your cozy chair ready for a good read.

And then there are the cards, oh yes the cards.  Rana is the reigning Princess of Lenormand and I also get that from watching her posts on FB as well as watching her antics with SnapChat she likes her bling and makeup.  This said was I a bit hesitant to look at these cards I have to admit, as much as I was anticipating them, yes I was a tad bit afraid – I am anything but a bling type of person but…… get your wallets, checkbooks and credit cards ready – you are going to want this deck.

You start going through the deck, and I did this before reading the LWB of course, and you feel transported.  Lush colors and scenes that arise from the cards are just an adventure unto themselves.  If going to a Middle Eastern Culture was on your bucket list, you just found a way of doing so without getting on a plane.  You will see that the image of card is front and center as should be on a Lenormand deck, they stayed true to the system and I applaud that.  The deck does include four extra cards and I admit now and make no excuse for it, I don’t use the extra cards in any decks I own so- you are on your own to review these, sorry gang!  Sorry that is a lie, I do use them with the Maybe Lenormand deck and that is because with them you then have a Gypsy Card style deck which I do enjoy reading with as well.

Now with this said, I sat down and played a bit, okay all night long to be honest, after I got home from my shoppe.  The cards and their images read well and easily while I was working in lines and the 3X3/Portrait Spread.  Again the images are placed well so you can quickly find them in the smaller spreads.

My issue with the deck, and sadly I have to say this, is when we get to the Grand Tableau.  The lush and exquisite art along with the upper and side placed borders can overwhelm you.  While I entirely enjoy all of this and realize the reason(s) behind it, I did find myself having to re-orientate myself a few times while reading GT’s with this deck.  But wait, the deck saves itself in a unique way!

The use of the border being upper and sides with no bottom border, and the style that was used in creating the border did in fact create, at least for me, a portal through which to view the cards. After a bit of time the GT became easier to read and orientate upon due to this “portal” effect.  I believe and with out speaking to Rana I have no way of knowing this (no I do not know Rana personally before you inquire) this was the intention of this border.  If so – BRAVO –  because you found a means to make a deck that was almost  destined go to my “its too busy to be of use” stack of Lenormand decks,  to being useable and enjoyably so.  In fact the more I used it, again I was up most of the night with them, this border had a focal ability I have only seen once before with a Lenormand deck, that was  the Enchanted Lenormand deck of Caitlin Matthews.  While I have and will continue to review decks as too busy for the Lenormand System, you may find this “portal” effect saves the day for you as it did for me.

You will also note the photo I took above, I do apologize but as you can tell a photographer I am not.  What I want you to notice is the back of the cards – they are stunning and works of art unto themselves.  The Hand of Fatima with a stylized RG – if this is not Rana’s trademark, it well should be.  This design also make shuffling a mesmerizing affair which – aids greatly in your concentration and focus, a huge plus to those who struggle with that issue when shuffling.

So a beautiful and useful deck and a well written LWB, an excellent job which  I would be remiss if I did not say this ;  What you have with this deck is a true collaboration of skills, arts, talents and time/energy.  Callie French put artwork to the vision of Rana George and US Games Inc. created it all around both of their work to create a package that any Lenormand reader I know will be very glad to purchase and use.  If you have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) I can say this without reservation-

This deck was so worth the wait – you are holding a truly magickal Lenormand Deck

in your hands when you hold the Rana George Lenormand.  I can only hope you 

enjoy this deck as much as I did reviewing it and that it aids you in your readings

as the trusted friend which I am sure it is about to become for you!


Please note – I do not receive payment from the Publisher or Creators of the Decks and/or Books I review.  All insights and opinions are just that and they are my own personal ones at that, I do not consult with others.  If you have a Lenormand Deck or Book that you wish me to review (and remember I am going to point out its positive and negative points) please contact me via my website. I am available as a consultant on Lenormand Deck creation on a paid basis and do not review decks I have consulted upon.






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