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Card Readings Change Lives

Where is he? What is he doing? Is he okay? Yes, these and more I have been hearing in regards to me and…. it’s all good and I am better then fine, I am just learning how to –

Okay yes I understand the irony of running a blog and web based business and writing about this but it has become a huge life changer for me and in all ways positive, let me explain.  Before I do explain though let me ask you this, read to the end of this blog post for the reason for posting this may well be different from what you might think.  In fact the this posting might leave you with more then just one thought to ponder.

I found myself about a year and a half to two years ago not being as happy as I was used to being.  I was running a brick and mortar shoppe that was not doing well and I thought, okay that’s it – wrong.  At that time I had also picked up along the way some people in my life who were prone to drama (more then the usual as we all do have some of that) and/or very secretive types, so I did as I have in the past and cleaned my social house up – that wasn’t the total answer either.

So the past few months has seen me falling back upon the tools of my trade, crystals, cards, prayer, energy work, healings, spell-work – you get the picture.  And it led me to certain answers, certain answer that are leading me to be very honest and transparent because of this work I do and love;

  1. You may or may not be aware but I am just over 5 years now of being sober.  I did that not through any group, not that there is anything wrong with that at all, but cold turkey after having just awakened one morning and saying to myself, “I can’t live this way anymore.”  I did well that after having become perhaps the most infamous member of Silver Ravenwolf’s Black Forest Clan and personally betraying and hurting her and many others in the process – alcohol will make you lie like no one’s business is all I can say – I won’t cause further hurt by expounding upon that time of my life to those I have already caused enough harm to – nor will I ever ask they accept this or any other writing as a type of apology, I wouldn’t insult them in that manner either.  My utmost respect and love still go to Silver and the BFC is how I will end this.
  2. I left Social Media.  Now after the first bullet point you might say to yourself” well this doesn’t rank up there” and you would be wrong.  I left social media because I have spent years, nay, decades learning to be a “sensitive” and expand my abilities in many way to assist others – social media causes me to have anxiety and depression not to mention absorb a huge amount of my time that can be spent in actually being social in real life.  “Don’t you shield or protect yourself from this type of energy” is what I hear in the back of my head from some of you as I type this – Yes I do and…. the first step in any metaphysical process is to take the common sense approach and for me that was just leave social media. People have been shocked and insulted that I could do this, some are wondering how you can survive without it and to this I will say – it’s not for everyone to walk away but for me it caused life to become much more enjoyable.  I have kept in touch with some, Toni Puhle of the WDA for one, and have always said – just email me if you need something so I can’t say on this point I feel any guilt at all!
  3. I have turned down the influence of the News.  Okay, I will not live in a hole with a rock over the opening but, I will also not listen to never ending coverage of events as they unfold – watching a train wreck in process (and oh do we have so many, in so many countries these days) is not my style.  I now listen to the news once a day and get on with doing what I can to make a difference in the world.
  4. I realized my practice of my spiritual faith had waned, not due to point one, but some how I just lost touch with it.  As I reinstated my practices, Wicca a huge part, life came back into a good place.  Yes I know I always teach and told others to do this – okay so I was not practicing my faith, walking my talk, as I should have been.  The Warlock is back in the house is all I will say – yes I realize some take offense to that term – I own it with pride as calling myself a Wizard (too Harry Potter) or a Male Witch doesn’t work, at least for me, Warlock is my gender specific term for us guys who practice! And taking an old word and changing it to fit modern times is done all the time before we go there.

So why did you type this blog up for me to read.  “Was it to come clean on some dirty secret skeletons in your closet” you say?  Okay maybe in part that is true but as important as that is, there is something else to learn from this – when you become involved, truly involved in the world of Cartomancy (card reading) you will find that until you deal with the truth that the cards show you, you won’t get much further down the path of your life.  The Cards were repeatedly telling me about the above points, how much so I can’t say strong enough.

I have heard from others, Rana George, Toni Puhle, Caitlín Matthews to name a few, the Cards will tell you straight up how it is and unless you heed the advice don’t expect so much to change in your life.  My Lenormand Cards have been hounding me to do just this, type up this blog posting, tell people what I have been through and go through and…. deal with the fallout as it happens.  Some will love my honestly others will see a rogue witch and run the other way – so be it.  The Cards gave the guidance and I listen.

Yes, fallout comes when you are honest, fallout also comes when you face things that you need address as you but thing to rights and in balance due to a of a Card reading.  I am ready to move forward, fall out or not, are you sure you are?  “Be careful what you wish for” is the old adage, be careful what you read about might well be my advice here to you.

Crystals, yes, Crystals

I am always amused at how we, myself included, put people into boxes.  What I mean by that is we get used to seeing them in a certain way and that’s the box we just throw them in all the time, like Judy has 4 kids, she is in the Mom box, Terry reads Tarot cards, he is in the psychic box and…….  you get what I mean.  And why say this?  People are always surprised when I talk about other subjects near and dear to my heart besides Card Reading, Crystals is one of those subjects.


The above picture is the sideboard in our dining area with a collection of crystals I was using to create a grid for a distance healing I was to perform.  (Yes, before you ask, the box does give away another facet of mine, I was initiated and trained receiving my Master attunement in 1998 in Reiki.)  When I decided to post the picture it sparked a flurry of questions, then I posted another photo, I will share another time, on Instagram about Crystal Grid supplies I was getting together and…. more interest and surprise.

Now before we get going on this lets understand something, I am not a Crystal Guru or Master in any way shape or form.   Just like my beloved Lenormand Cards that I work with, I am no ones Guru on these subjects.  Okay – had to get that out of the way.

Crystals came into my life as a child yes but as a serious subject, around 1996 or so is when that started.  I started learning the basics and reading up on the subject and slowly bought a small supply of different types of crystals.  Now I learned a lot just from the crystals themselves – yes they do teach you as you go along.  I also learned that it is a body of work that while there are some basic rules (you know me and my love of structure) that in large it is very much based on intuition.  Okay sit down while you read this part now, I embrace that thought fully with working with Crystals.  Need a cool drink now?

Yes I know, I beat people over the head with using systems first, intuition second with Card Reading but with Crystals it is almost the reverse and….. I embrace that AND I enjoy that.  The Crystals can’t talk to us like the Cards can, think on that and you will understand how it makes sense to me, but I digress.

Crystals are an amazing tool which when used with focused intention can accomplish just about anything.  My dear friend, Helen Celestine Escoffier taught me much of what I know of Crystals and how to interact with them.  She taught me it IS interaction with them, it is not working with them.  A fine degree of separation one might think but it was a major learning point for me that I can never thank her enough for.  She passed away a few years ago while in her early 50’s – her loss is deeply felt by me to this day but what helps me with it is the gift she gave me of Crystals and their energies.  She even taught me, hindsight shows us so much, how you can use a Crystal to help with grief – I didn’t realize perhaps she was teaching me that for a reason…..

Need a new job – Crystals.  Need to draw in Love into your life – Crystals.  Need to set up a protective field of energy around your home – Crystals.  As long as you have a good solid intention Crystals should be able to help you get it done.  Yes help, you still have to do some good old fashioned leg work on the physical plane to make things happen and manifest as well.

So here we go, another facet of Hugh exposed, much like another facet on a Crystal.  If you have an interest in learning to work with Crystals and even how to lay Crystal Grids then drop me a line.  Enough interest in this subject and I will continue but….. Card Readings will still take place also !!!!!



A Pentagram for Mildred

Ah Mildred Payne, your wiles have enticed me to research ways you might have read your Secret Pocket Oracle and Mildred’s Letter cards.  I research this because I think, you little tease you, that the very simple card spreads that were shared in your brown paper bag handouts, were not nearly the depth of what you could do with these delightful cards.  I do so hope you don’t mind……


Pentagram Spread

This is a spread that I have used, as many other have, for Tarot and various other oracles.  Here I have taken it and “twisted” it in a fashion that I believe Mildred Payne herself would approve of – it not perhaps used, who’s to say?

pentagram spread

The above link will bring you to the numbered layout of the above pictured spread if you would like to view it that way.  It will make it easier to follow if you are new to this spread and of course print it out to use as you feel needed.

What to use the Mildred’s Pentagram for?

First off what this spread is best at when I use it – have a question of how best to work with a situation, issue or relationship.  It is a problem solving spread if you will, not so much a foretelling spread.

The parts of Mildred’s Pentagram dissected!

The Pentagram is broken down into Six parts, the Center and each of the Five points of the Pentagram.  The points are laid out in a pagan method (there is more then one way of doing this, modify as you feel suited) of the Four Elements with Spirit/God Force as the top point.  If you are not comfortable using Spirit/God Force you may substitute this with the term and energies of Outside Influences and work with that.  Mildred loved Spirit(s) so I have no doubt what she called upon when viewing that point, other might call it their Spirit Guide point.

How to read the parts of Mildred’s Pentagram

First make sure that you have a good problem/issue/relationship solving question written down and that as you shuffle Mildred’s Cards you focus on that.  How you shuffle and layout down the Cards is up to you,  follow your intuition on this – the points are merely numbered (in the link above) for your reference, not for how you feel you should lay down the Cards.  Proceed to lay out the cards and read using the following criteria to help you along, never hesitate to ask Mildred for some help as you go along, I have when using her cards and I have always been pleasantly surprised at how thing become more clear when I do!

Please note you will of course need Mildred’s delightful cards and the accompanying handouts to know the meanings of the cards, they are as of the writing of this blog post, available at Deviant Moon – Mildred Payne Collection just click and enjoy, its a great website!

Center Card #1 – The Focus of your question

This gives you the main energy or thought form you should be working with and interacts with all Five points of the Pentagram.  See it perhaps as the filter you use to view the other cards through.

Now before we proceed to the outer points please note each has two cards, a left and a right.  The left card is always the challenging or Shadow aspect of the point, the right is always the rewarding or Light aspect of the point.  Sometimes they need to work together, other times the right card needs to correct the left card and then we have the case where the left card is overpowering the right card.  I hesitate to use the words positive and negative, that throws some people and in the case of the negative they try to “fix it” to read as positive instead of taking the advice it offers, hence why I that left card Shadow or challenging.  How will you know which way to interpret the cards from the three choices I showed you?  Remember to take into consideration that Center Card #1 is having an effect on all other cards, and then use your common sense AND intuition to make the choice.  Once you get the hang of the two cards interacting with each other while the Center Card #1 is having an overall influence it becomes second nature but, yes it takes a little bit of practice.

Onto the Outer Points, bear in mind Even Numbered Card are the Shadow/challenging facet, Odd Numbered Cards are the Light/rewarding facet.

Lower Left Pentagram Point – Earth cards #2 & #3

The Earth cards gives us the material or physical parts of the issue that need to be considered or worked with.  How we ground ourselves or “anchor”  can also be shown here.   Shadow cards here can show a lack of being grounded or being too involved or dependent upon the material world – again the cards will speak to you if you take your time with them.  Light cards can show where we are stronger in our foundations within the material or physical parts of the issue and what should be more worked with within that realm

Upper Left Pentagram Point – Air cards #4 & #5

Air cards bring us into the realms of thought, mental focus and clarity as well as all things intellectual or learned.  Shadow can show our lack of focus or where we are weak and need to study the issue or a part of it.  Judgement, is an Air factor as well and in Shadow it can show as poor judgement or being overly judgmental.  Light is where we can see how we are using our mental abilities well or should be using them well.  Another Air facet is that of communication, keep that in mind as you read the cards within this point, and perhaps how you getting your point across or not is the issue?

Upper Right Pentagram Point – Water cards #6 & #7

Water will bring us to the areas of emotional, spiritual (your spiritual abilities), as well as what can being going in in the depths of your subconscious mind.  This point is all about how we feel, in all aspects including intuition, and how we use these feelings.  Shadow may well be showing us our lack of recognition of feelings or where we depend on them too much, Light how we best utilize these feelings.  After having worked this spread before with different cards that are not Mildred’s (sorry Mildred), I have learned to very much let intuition rule how I read this point.

Lower Right Pentagram Point – Fire cards #8 & #9

Fire rules this point bringing with the energies it embodies – passion and the motivational forces which often sum up into a get moving/get it done mode.  Its all about our energies and how we engage them, or in Shadow’s case how we don’t.  Light leads us into where our passions and energies are best spent, Shadow about how we are misusing energies or squandering them.  Fire is VERY goal orientated when used properly, very destructive when not – think of Fire in real life, it can cook your dinner or….. it can burn down your house, it all depends on how you use it.

Top Pentagram Point – Spirit cards #10 & #11

You need to take in your belief system when working the cards of this point.  If you do not practice any spiritual beliefs then this is, as noted above, Outside Forces which are out of your control.

Now many will take issue with having a Shadow card here, preferring to think of Spirit, God, Goddess, Spirit Guides, Spirit (insert your term here please) as only being of pure good or Light.  This is up to you and perhaps you will only be laying one card here and modifying the spread, that’s up to your way of working.  What I would suggest is challenging yourself and seeing that this point could well have a Shadow side, remember for every force in the Universe there is an equal and opposite force.

Perhaps Light is how we should perceive Spirit and how it is to work within the issue being read for, Shadow is when we are not perceiving it at all or incorrectly.  Shadow can also be when we are following what we deem as “our path” when Spirit is trying to guide us otherwise, the Light card.  This point can be the easiest to understand or the hardest, that I think, is up to the person reading the cards.  Relax and breathe when you receive what can be perceived as a challenging card in the Light card placement, it all makes sense – don’t rush this point or any of the previous in trying to perform a reading – there in lies the biggest mistake, being in a rush to find an answer, we often misread our cards!

So here we have it, a Pentagram for Mildred.  I sat down and typed this up so that any of you so inclined would have a format with a few more cards in it and see how they could interact with each other.  I am not part of Deviant Moon Inc. nor do I pretend to represent them, I just love this deck and had to have a go at working with Mildred’s Card more in-depth, I do hope you will comment on this post if you use the spread or if you see away it could be used differently.   I may craft/modify another spread to use with these delightful little cards in the future, time will tell.





The Fine Art of Questions Part 1

As a teacher of a few different card reading systems I have noted that students often tend to put emphasis in various places but not…. their questions.  I liken the question to getting the correct address for your travels, without it you will bumble about, stumble about and in general waste time better spent at your destination – the same may be said of asking a good question.

Placeholder Image

Let us then sit down over a cup of tea or coffee and see what might make our questions better.

When phrasing a question we have to think of certain items that we may want to include in our question;

  • Think of the act of being a journalist, we want to know The Who, What, Where, When and Why’s of a story, GT the same can often be said of your question.  Remember unless you are proficient with your system and the timing methods it uses, I would stay away from the When, until you are.
  • Use proper English (or whatever language you fluently speak) to form your question – shy away from “how will David be playing me at the party” – most card systems don’t enjoy slang and in this case you will find out that David was suppose to bring a keyboard to the party and hence that is what your answer is all about, not about how he would be treating you that evening.
  • Ask questions in a positive slant (this one is always tough to explain) rather then a negative question.  “How do I not lose my job” is a negative question format, instead use “How do I keep my job”, the answer will be easier to understand.
  • Yes/No questions answer just that, Yes or No.  Don’t ask a Yes/No question and then expect it to also give you additional information – as a rule you get what you ask for, in this case Yes or No is all you get.  I understand some may take issue with this point and I can only say after years of performing readings this has been my experience.

Now from above we have some idea of what might go into your question.  There are other considerations but let’s take this one step at a time, I will cover other points in upcoming blog posts.

Remember please – your ability at asking a good question is as important as any other part of your reading skills.

Blue Bird Lenormand Revisited

You know what I like?  I like when someone sees something, sees that it is wrong and then takes steps to correct the error(s).  No fuss, no excuses, just fixes it and makes it right.  U.S. Games Systems, Inc did just that with their Blue Bird Lenormand.

This deck is the replacement deck to the Blue Owl deck that had some type of distribution or manufacturers issues not related to U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  U.S. Games Systems, Inc. put the deck together but, and in their defense they are not known for Lenormand (or as of yet they are not, we shall see….) decks, it was put together and obviously by someone who really didn’t understand the nuances of the Lenormand System.  Well that is all fixed now and the result – very nice.


Above is an example of one of the corrections – the original version is on the left, the updated version on the right.  We actually have card #22 being a Crossroad not a Road – with one of the major meaning of the card being choices or decisions we see this much more plainly illustrated and clear to any Reader.


Another example, #4 the House card.  Here we see again the original version on the left, the updated version on the right.  We also see that the House is clearly the focus of the card and not – ahem – a crossroad  which of course has nothing to do with the meaning of the House card.


And then we have the Significator Cards #28 Man/Lord and #29 Woman/Lady – these are all from the updated deck and…. they actually can face each other, a huge thing when you read directionally like I and all the students I personally teach do.

Now is this it in the updates and corrections of the deck?  Not at all. The deck was gone through card by card and they did a fine job at taking what I originally felt was an unusable deck and creating something that anyone can now read with.  Is it a perfect deck?  No and I have yet to find a deck, in my opinion this is, that is perfect for everyone.  Everyone will find a fault or two in any deck so the perfect deck, again in my opinion this is, is the goal that while sought after – cannot be attained, we humans are a fickle bunch when it comes to our card decks !!!

Bravo U.S. Games Systems, Inc for seeing a problem and taking the time, energy and yes money to fix this.

T’was a Dark and Stormy Night…..



So many stories have started this way that I have enjoyed I couldn’t resist!

As many of you know I am a fan, HUGE fan of cartomantic systems.  I like my cards practical, direct and functional in almost any situation, this being the case I have always been less then thrilled with the “newer” oracle systems as I have found them to be to “one card solves all your issues” or “flowery” for my tastes.  That changed a few weeks ago when I started working with Mildred’s Deck.

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Deck was the beginning of my journey into a new oracle system well worth the time investigating to see if it might be your cup of tea (make sure Mildred didn’t add anything to that tea, just saying) to work with.  It is a keyword based oracle system and could actually be used in a manner that would be similar to my beloved Lenormand.  But before you say “oh no another do this, follow that” deck system and I like to be more fluid or intuitive with my reads – stick around you still might find this tea to your liking.

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Deck (52 Oracle Cards), Mildred’s Letter (an add-on/booster pack deck of 15 cards) is created by Deviant Moon, Inc., the artist being Patrick Valenza, is based upon a quirky, dark and fictional (or is it???) back story.  Young Mildred Payne was placed in an clinical setting, Fenwood Asylum, because she kept on talking to spirits.  I won’t go into the whole backstory but, let us just say I think Mildred may have more lives then a black cat and with the Spring thaw of 2018 just around the corner they may dig up what is reported to be her grave and then……

But I digress.  This oracle comes with a short, very short list of meanings or rather keywords – as I said much like my beloved Lenormand cards with a difference though.  At the beginning of the list we are told that using intuition and creativity is something the deck thrives on.  Well I agree and wholeheartedly as long as (if you know me you knew this was coming) you stick to being in the ball park of what the card image stands for.  So if the image of Poison tells you “oh your hopes and dreams of redemption will be….” I think Mildred might frown upon that flagrant a use of your creativity, lol.  I do know that the final card, #67 Star has already received the added meaning from my intuition as “a way to shine” and it worked out to perfection in a reading I gave someone while giving this deck a test drive so yes, add some more meanings to the card images by all means.

And the images?  Well Mildred was a young girl with no formal artistic training of any great amount (that I know of that is) and the images reflect that.  As below you can see –


both the original deck and the Seance Edition, those in blue, are shown and the images are simple and direct – much like the information the deck gives you.  Mildred”s oracle doesn’t pull many punches and that suits me right down to the ground.  I did also do a count of the cards as in what type they fall into, by my count of 67 cards 29 of them are rewarding in nature, 17 neutral and 19 challenging in nature with on that could be either neutral or challenging and another either rewarding or challenging.  What I am say with this info – the deck isn’t slanted towards being dark as some might suspect from the name or the back story – you know that old adage don’t judge a book by it’s cover right?

The deck comes with a basic one card, two and three card spreads so here also you have creativity to work with what you will.  Personally I am working on incorporating some older not often used Tarot spreads as well as one of the Romany style spreads and finding they work well – I will share these with you as I go along so if you are not following this blog I suggest you do by clicking follow at the bottom of the page.  I would also be interested in hearing from you and what spreads you are using and any additional meanings you have intuited from the deck.

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle deck – how long I have waited for a deck like you to come along I can’t quite say but you were surely worth the wait.  Now I have to wait still for the Spring thaw to see if at Fenwood they discover your grave from the cryptic notes you have left with your decks or is it something else………..

You may visit more info and purchase these amazing items at –

Tell the staff at Fenwood that Hugh sent you!

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Lenormand World – BIG NEWS!!!

This is a first for me,  giving you a review before I have seen the work but from experience I know all about this –


Yes it is true and it is coming very very soon!

So now why would I write about something I have not read as of yet or that is not available?  And why oh why would I be so excited about it??

I perform readings for a living, Lenormand is my tool of preference but that wasn’t always so – I came from Tarot background.  I must admit at the start I was a somewhat stereotypical American Tarot snob (oh I see the mail pouring in about this post already) and couldn’t believe anything could get me to put down my Rider Waite’s.  Well that was true at the start of my Lenormand travels.

I worked with Rana’s Book “The Essential Lenormand”, I devoured “The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook” by Caitlín Matthews and followed (and still do) the work of these two ladies as well as Stella Waldvogel and Andy Boroveshengra.  I was lucky enough to take a course or two with Andy B. online and learned so much from him, and all the people I have noted along with others far too numerous to mention but… something was missing. You know that sort of, something is missing but you don’t know what it is let alone how to remedy the issue?

Enter Björn Meuris.  I had heard of him and that he was teaching online via a FaceBook page and actually I almost didn’t take the courses he offered.  I mean really, I had searched far and wide, you have no idea how obsessive I can be when on the hunt, and almost passed up these courses as “same ole same old” but decided what the hell, give it a go – BINGO!

Björn took me from being a decent reader of Lenormand and created, and I say this with humility, the Lenormand reader I am – a pretty darn good one.  His way of explaining the cards, while not radically different from what I had heard before, was just that little bit more I needed and when it came to the Grand Tableau (GT), his way of explaining the Method of Distance made the lightbulb over my head go on.  I can’t tell you how reading his work, and it was not extensive in the classes back then that he offered by the way, really made all the pieces click.


(Yes it is a second volume you are not seeing things)

My knowledge of Lenormand and the GT started to flow, and flow far more easily then it ever had before and….. with greater depth of understanding and hence the information I received reflected this.  My clients noticed right away that there had been a shift in my readings.  What had been a “fun, different tool for readings, those Lenormand Cards” became what my clients wanted – no more Tarot for them.

So with all of this said you can see how I can be very excited to see these books come out.  Björn, there is no other way to say this, is a class act.  He shares freely and openly a depth of understanding that I aspire to achieve with Lenormand and he does so with no attitude.  I have interacted with him a few times over the past few years and each and every time he has been supportive, informative and most of all kind.

So my bookshelf and reference section of Lenormand knowledge is about to grow by two books and I do believe they may make up a large part of the required reading I insist of my students who study with me in-person.  Just so you all know that adds these two books to my already required reading list of;

The Essential Lenormand by Rana George

The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook by Caitlín Matthews

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards by Andy Boroveshengra

I know there are other books much anticipated coming out in English in 2018 but I have to say this up front and from the heart – if you have to consider what books to buy and you in 2018 on Lenormand and you are on a budget- there is no doubt in my mind that these are the ones to purchase!!

And just another note before I hit the “publish” button, I have it on good authority (okay I asked Björn, I admit it, and I am spilling the beans) this Encyclopedia is going to be added to in the future, perhaps up to 3 more volumes – YES!!!!!!!!

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It’s just my Style

As would come to many as no shock I am seeing a definite trend between myself and a friend of mine that seems to be the Universe teaching us lessons, the same lesson at the same time of course.  Again no shock to many I am sure.

Toni Puhle, my amazing friend and Co-Founder of the World Divination Association (WDA)  posted a video not too long ago on how she reads and her style of being a reader – sure enough I start to get asked the same question by people as well.  Okay I guess it is time for me to bite the bullet and do the same thing, you won’t be at all shocked, if you know Toni, that we read soooo very similar it is almost frighteningly similar.


a perfect example of NOT me

First and foremost when I was doing the Psychic Fair circuit I quickly gained the nickname of “The Blunt Psychic”.  Well blunt works but Psychic?  Let us get something straight very quickly, when asked to describe myself I do so as a Card Reader.  I don’t bill myself as a Psychic, as Gifted (don’t even get me started on how that term is thrown here, there and everywhere) and I surely don’t bill myself as the Extraordinary Hugh or the Reader to the Reader’s – I am not built like that.  If others wish to do so, go for it, but for me, it’s Card Reader and that suits me right down to the ground.

Now when we look at Card Reader we will see how I am viewed as blunt.  I read the cards, plain and simple.  I tell you what the cards say, no sugar coating and little to no filter as to how they say it.  Lenormand and Kipper, my buddies, are known to be direct, some would even say brutally honest, that works for me.  Tarot, I read that as well, is direct but…… somewhere along the line people have gone into an esoteric realm when reading these lovely cards – not me.  I tend to like Marseille Tarot again for it’s directness and also because, thank the Stars (no pun intended), no one has created a “Kitty Kat Marseille Tarot” to muddy the seas of Marseille Tarot up with.  Watch now I put that out there and sure enough one will show up – LOL.

And then we come down to a simple fact of my life, I like things direct and to the point yes that’s true but also – I like them practical.  That is why you won’t find me the Reader that people go to when they want “spiritual guidance” of the oracle card reading variety that has no system.  You know the ones that I mean, the oracle cards where you pull one or two and there is your answer.  Okay, these things might be all well and good for others, but especially with oracle cards, if you pull a card and expect the answer of “Inner Wellness” (I just made that up but who knows that could be a card out there) to solve issue I might present with – Nope.  Again I like practical and it seems the Universe has heard me about that and my clients do as well.  So if you want to hear that the answer to your issue is to “Embrace the Serenity of the Spheres” – please don’t come to me!

Now the along with being blunt and on the practical side we have to look at what goes right along with that, I am not a Counselor or Therapist.  I deliver information, specifically the information that I get from reading the cards.  I do so and I convey this information in a very detached manner.  It does not mean I do have compassion, because I do, what it does mean is I am not the type of reader who “holds your hand” and gets you through things.  Again, this comes down to that point I have made – I read the cards and deliver the information they tell me.  What I will do is answer questions about how to handle things IF the person I am reading for asks or IF I see them in a state of high distress over an area of the reading.  This is where the compassion part of me comes in.  Other than that I expect, I read only for adults by the way, that you walk away with information to process and work with on your own to your own best end.  Yes I see clients more than once, and these people tend to be those that are of the variety who come from the School of Do the Work, not from the School of Poor Me – you get my point I am sure.

And last but not least – I am a Card Reader who likes to base your reading on questions you have, not general readings.  Why?  It’s not that I can’t do them, sure I can do them and we can find out some good things along the way but…. general readings tend to give you general answers.  I am more the type that likes to make sure we get to the specifics of things that interest you and the best way to do that, I base your reading on questions you have and then go to the cards to look for your answer.

So after reading this you might be surprised that my business as a Card Reader is growing and thriving – I think that might be the proof in the pudding as they say.  Read the Cards, give them the information and…… done!

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Care of the Reader

Okay we all have these days !!


Let’s be honest, we all need to take care of ourselves as Readers, no matter the system or tools you choose to use.  As we work the Arts of Divination we all need to take sometime to practice one or more of the items below to help re-charge ourselves –

  1. Get outside and walk.  Nature has it’s own healing abilities that we need not activate with the exception that we must go out and be in it.  Hours spend studying and working with your cards can drain you in many ways – reading for others adds to that but this simple tip is easy to do and FREE.
  2. Take a long, warm shower or bath.  Adding some sea salt to this helps you detox a bit more as well as the water just helping your muscles relax.  You will be amazed at the muscles that you don’t realize are all cramped up from a day with divination until you do this.  This is another tip that is very low cost.
  3. A bit more pricey and not for everyday (how I wish I could) but is helpful – go for a massage.  The benefits of this are endless and really when you think about it how many times do you do something for just you that pampers you?
  4. Meditate or just sit still and as quite as you can be.  The simple act of this intention starts to shift your awareness rather quickly as long as…. you don’t make it hard, judge yourself and hence get frustrated.  We all can meditate just not in the same way – cut yourself some slack here and just “be” with yourself – no cutting yourself some slack doesn’t equate to being a slacker, LOL.
  5. Cleanse your space – this one I have to stress.  Be it Whiteleaf Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense or any other cleansing product of this type, find that one that works for you and use it.  My rule of thumb is that you should cleanse the space you read in at least as often as you vaccum it – normally more but…. it’s a start if it’s only when you physically clean the space.
  6. Schedule a Holiday from readings and studies once in a while.  I perform readings for a living so I pretty much go at it every day except, my  Holiday from readings is EVERY night after 8pm – no cards, no books, no…..    You might need to follow the same sort of schedule as I, I don’t know, but do not doubt that constant work with divination with no break is the same as your daily work of any other kind – you can burn yourself out if you don’t watch it.
  7. The list can go on and on take these as just the start of suggestions.

So when your readings get a bit off track, your attention/focus/intention is for naught or you have had the reading from He..  try one of the above – we as Reader’s occupy a very special place in the world and we have to start to learn to properly take of ourselves and honor that, so we can do the best at our divinations that we are capable of!

Please note – do not engage in strenuous exercise and in some cases partake of massage without making sure your Physician approves.  In some cases you may also be allergic to certain incense or such, don’t use what your body doesn’t like for cleansing work!!!!

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