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Another Day, Another One of those Cards…

Yes it is time to take on a card that many people have troubles with,


Yes my friends its time to deal with the Snake!

this card is from Maybe Lenormand, by Ryan Edward, from US Games, Inc.

I have seen many ways of looking at this card and I have to say most of them are very valid, such as;

  • Malicious actions
  • Complications
  • Sedition (this one I love and I learned it from Andy B.)
  • Cables, Chains, Pipes (think of the form a snake can take)

Now those are just some of many that apply, one I do not agree with is the word Toxic – as snakes are not always Toxic/Venomous but that doesn’t mean they can’t be trouble none the less.  Now with these all listed where does the trouble come in?  Good question and I repeatedly see it when it is called into light when the Fox is also being looked at or compared to.

The Snake is a personal card, the Fox more impersonal.  The Snake goes for the heart, the emotions, and those things attached to such.  The Fox, well he is the survivor who is always looking to get ahead so then we should think of him as “he takes what he needs/wants” and doesn’t give a darn if you like it or not but….. it is not motivated by emotions – that is a hallmark of the Snake.  The Snake is the one who takes the boyfriend just because she can – The Fox would, but only if there was a reward of money or such tied to him.

So as noted above the Snake is complicated and normally so are “her” actions.  Yes ladies I hate to say it but this is a card normally seen as Female while the Fox is more Male.  No sexual prejudices here – remember when the card system came about in the very early 19th century.  Also see who is sitting as the playing card of this card, The Queen of Clubs.

So when faced with this card the first thing I do, and it sounds odd I admit, is I tell myself its not the Fox – if you do that and get rid of those associations straight away the card becomes much easier to read.

And, I hate to say it but, this card is the card of complications, don’t expect it to be easy to read because then, the Snake is not being The Snake!  As a Snake sheds it skins sometimes so do the layers we read of this card change as well.

Until the next card crosses my desk, happy shuffling!

Another of “Those Cards” postings

So the reaction to posting “those cards” in the Lenormand system was well received on the first card so lets try another shall we?  Lets work on the Cross this time around.  This card is from one of my go to decks, Maybe Lenormand, is created by Ryan Edward and is offered through most metaphysical stores or directly from US Games, Inc.


So we see this card and most people immediately think of burden – which in my opinion is the essence or core of this card.  Some will tell you about the spiritual aspects of this card and try to don rose tinted lens when viewing this card, but after too many years of seeing this card arrive in a casting I have yet to see it this way.  A spiritual burden perhaps, but not the sunny side of spiritual life that is for sure.

Now as I type this it dawns on me what the real issue might be with this card.  It is one I deal with, with my personal/in-person students from day one and I do so in a few different ways;

  1. Some cards are negative and you can try to put a spin on it but – that won’t work.
  2. Negative cards are good cards, remember we learn our best lessons from having issues and working through them, the cards are just showing us this.
  3. The cards are always right, its how we interpret them, or fail to, that is where the mistakes come in – oh people just love it when I say this but…… it is so true!

So lets now take those three points into consideration for a moment.  We want to keep a cards meaning true to itself (point one), we want to hear the lesson it is telling us and this we do by looking at the cards around it as well (point two) and we have to trust our cards  (point three) – or why are we doing this folks?

Now none of this is said to belittle anyone trying to give a positive reading to a client or themselves, heck no, quite the opposite.  The first part of giving a reading that is positive, at least the way I was taught, is to be honest with who we are reading for.  We are doing no favor for our client by not saying what we read in the cards.  Part of performing a reading is being practiced in how to convey the message of the cards in an appropriate manner.  If we then convey the message that the card(s), in this case the Cross, is telling us, then good, bad or ugly – its what the client needs to hear at the current time.

So next time you practice reading your Lenormand cards, try working with the  Cross card in combination with every other card in the deck.  When doing this see how you can best convey the essence of burden with the other cards you work with, don’t be a Spin Doctor, rather be a truth teller who speaks in a compassionate voice.

Until next I blog, Shuffle Well, Hugh

Lets discuss “that card” and lets start with the Coffin.

Greetings All !

I watch friends and students all get a look when “that card” shows up in their Lenormand reading.  Everyone seems to have a “that card” which bothers them and its high time I started talking about them, one specific card one at a time, and addressing these issues. Today lets deal with the Coffin shall we?


The above card is the Coffin from the Maybe Lenormand deck created by Ryan Edward and published by U.S. Games Systems Inc.

The Coffin – I have one student who sees it and immediately thinks someone is going to die, right then and there.  Okay yes a physical death can be indicated by the Coffin in Lenormand there is no doubt about it, but the number of times I have actually seen that happen, in many many readings please note and those over the course of more years then I care to admit to, I can count on one finger.  Yes just once I saw a death staring me right in the face and that’s it so lets suspend that fear for a bit while we explore the card a bit more.

The Coffin, as I read it, can mean many things, the most prevalent is that it is an ending.  Now this ending can be of the form of a job termination or a divorce when we are looking at a marriage – yikes you say?  Well some endings are for the better and sometimes divorce is a good option.  No one wants to see anyone in an abusive marriage – nuff said.

The Coffin also has a lot to do with illness, yes it is not the most positive card in the deck, you are right.  Many times, as always depending on the cards around the Coffin, it shows us this to prepare us to avoid the illness or in the worst case scenario to deal with it.

Now you want to get this Lenormand reader angry?  Read the Coffin as being transformation and see what happens to my blood pressure.  The card is not about transforming one thing into another, thats a change taking place so another card will handle that for you – lets say Stork.  Coffin is not, not, not repeat for those who think I am kidding, NOT about transformation.  Yes this is how I read but, this is how some of the best readers I have ever heard of and yes also from some of them I took  classes with, read as well.  In the event that you don’t like a card lets just agree that sugar coating it doesn’t make it better – what it does is it makes it something it isn’t and then, then you just get a poor reading.

Now as always the Coffin is always read within the context of what question you have asked is.  I have found over the course of time that how we perceive the Coffin is the issue, not the card itself and this will hold true with each card we visit as I blog some more about these cards.

Until the next time I hit the keys – Shuffle Well.

“I am overwhelmed with…”

Below is a Lenormand reading i recently performed for a client –


First things first is she wants to know “Why am I repeatedly feeling negative energies around me and being left drained?”  The question is all important in my  book and here we have something that is direct but not a Yes/No scenario – this I can work with.

Now lets look at the casting, I choose a 3X3 or Portrait Spread as it gives a lot of information and I cast it with the intention of the question in mind.  Please note that no cards were preselected and I did this wanting to know all the Present information, not Past/Present/Future as can be done with this format.

The cards used are a reproduction of  Das Spiel der Hofnung – The Game of Hope, from 1799 and are thought to be the original Lenormand style deck.  I adore these cards for their simplicity as well as elegant style and color all at once.

Okay the basics are covered – now onto the reading !

Right out of the gate we note the center card, the focus/issue of the casting is the Birds – well, well, well it would seem that here we have the root cause right in front of us, Anxiety.  I stated this and moved on quickly.  My next step is to always look at the corner pairings to find out the root cause of the focus/issue.  I take the top left corner with the bottom right corner to help describe it and then the top right corner with the bottom left to help describe that – its easier to do then it is to type it!  Mountain with Moon – work blockages, Key with Scythe – something important, something key (no pun intended) has been cut.  I can tell by the way my client has shifted in her chair and is leaning forward I am on the mark.

Now lets go to the cards in the center of the outer lines, I was taught they are called clusters by some, and they show up how issue is presenting itself.  Ship and Woman,  many ways to read this one so I skip ahead for a moment to the other set, Clouds and Tree its confusion that won’t move on and now as I look back at the the other two cards its a Woman who travels that causes this or……

So I could go further – but the lightbulb is going on over my clients head.  It seems that she feels this negative energy and being drained right after she (the Woman card represents my client ) visits her regional supervisor.   It seems this supervisor also likes to trim budgets and….. yes sometimes you need to go to the Card Reader to see what is happening right in front of you. My client tries to always see the best in people and was thinking it was some cause of her own that was doing this – ahem.

Now seriously why post this besides that last sentence?  Lenormand is known to show you things bluntly, plainly and without much fuss or muss.  I think without a doubt these cards I love so much just proved that.  Could I go on a bit more – sure and we did, but that part gets a bit more personal so I will keep that between my client and I.  If you read the cards though – its right there to see!

But I don’t want to do my daily’s

Whether it is Lenormand, Kipper, Gypsy Cards or Playing Cards I get this all the time-

Why do I have to do daily 3 card practice spreads?”

These 3 card daily’s never make any sense!”

and these are just two of the many and never ending questions or comments I get when I tell my students, both in-person and online, that they need to do the 3 card daily spread everyday – yes everyday.  Am I being a hard line old school do your lessons type – yep – and there is more then one good reason for it.

  1. You are doing a daily spread everyday – this integrates the cards you are working with into your daily life, it makes them a part of your daily routine hence a part of your normal life.  It doesn’t take the “special part” of reading cards away, as I sometimes hear, but rather it brings that special to your everyday life, and everyone can use a little special everyday right?
  2. When I teach daily practice spreads I also teach how to dial back the meanings of the cards.  Dial back is simple, you take the meaning and decrease it – an example is in Lenormand with have #8 The Coffin card.  If every time we saw this we said “Oh my god another one dead” when it popped up in a daily well we would be pretty lonely people in short order.  No instead we look at it as an ending but geez the Coffee Shop you go to everyday no longer offers that Triple Fudge Caffeine Buzzer you love every morning – okay that might be just as traumatic to you I admit.  What I am trying to say is that you start to the learn degrees of how cards can impact your life or other people when we practice daily’s.
  3. The many and various meaning of cards start to show themselves to you because quite frankly you are working with them more often so they have the chance to. When we only get study time once a week, after our favorite TV show and before bed, well the chances are the cards aren’t going to be able to show you as much.
  4. Over time, and yes this does take time, you gain proficiency with how the cards speak to you.  Each card system has a language and often with it a tone of voice, interacting with them daily exposes you to it so you pick it up faster.  Remember most card systems are speaking a language all their own and the best way to learn any new language is to use it daily.
  5. And last – BECAUSE I SAID SO.  Yes I can exhibit very parental tendencies when needed.

Okay, the last point is joking said (sort of) but the other points are quite on the mark.  If you are trying to be a card reader who is good at reading cards then you have to be serious about it.  Putting in the time, and it isn’t much time everyday once you get into the swing of it, is how you do it.

Another point I will admit to – you need to journal your daily findings – oh geez I hear the groans already – I will save that for another day!  What I will say is you are right, I didn’t teach you how to read a 3 card daily spread – another day for that as well.


It looks like its going to rain today

As a card reader, one of any skill level or experience, we all have readings that are challenging to convey to our Sitter.  It feels like you have to administer an injection and the patient is terrified of needles – yes it can feel that bad for both of you. The Sitter came to you, the how or why isn’t important, they came to you for a reading, for assistance of a sort and it is up to you to now “deliver the goods” and to do so well.

So how do we transmit this information, well there are a number of methods and you have to choose what works best for your own reading style.  The thing to remember is you DO have to tell them what is going on, challenging information is often exactly what the Sitter needs to hear.

The method I choose to use, even though my nickname in the Psychic Circles is “the Blunt Psychic”, is to follow the these steps after I identify what the Sitter may find to be challenging;

  1. Read em like I see them.  No extra frills or flourishes, sort of like an old episode of Dragnet – Just the facts.  Don’t downplay what the cards are saying neither should you hype them up, that is not your job as a Reader, your job is to hold the space of being neutral while you perform a reading and that means convey what the cards say.
  2. I then look around and look for ways that the CARDS tell me the person may be able to handle or cope with the challenge, if in fact a challenge does present itself.  I DO NOT play counselor or therapist and pull out of my magic bag some canned answers.  For the most part Readers are not trained Therapists or Counselors and legally (depending on where you live) can fall into issue if you start to counsel.  I don’t have to say this but I will – if the issue is medical you cannot diagnose or give a course of treatment as well.
  3. And then…. I am done

You read them like the are, we find out where the cards are giving the Sitter assistance and you convey that as well as convey where they may have a challenge – AH that is the key ,did you catch it?

May have a challenge – remember not I, nor you, nor any Reader on the planet is 100% on target at all times,  Nope – just doesn’t happen.  So keep that in your mind, No do not start second guessing yourself, Yes do realize you can make mistakes and always just read what the cards are saying.  I am a firm believer, a very firm believer, that the cards are ALWAYS right, it is how we interpret them that is where the mistakes come in.  Nuff said, leaving the soapbox for today.

The client you DREAD reading for…

Lets be honest, we all have them, the client/sitter/querent, call them what you will, that we DREAD reading for.  Whether you are a professional or just starting out you realize soon enough what it feels like to DREAD reading for them.

So what is it about them that makes you DREAD (okay enough with my capital letters) reading for them?  Lets make a list shall we?  It won’t encompass it all but it will cover most of the points, feel free to write in some yourself as you read along.

  • They always, always want to know more then we what we say, in fact they are sure there is more to say we are just not “seeing it”
  • They question what the cards are saying, they just don’t want to hear it and they then start to turn the question that they asked you about around, and around until – well you are not even sure what the question was in the first place.
  • They asked for a reading and they always ask about ____________ .  Now that blank could be many things and listed just below are a few.  What is funny is no matter how you answer it – they will be back for more and you just know it and it will be on this very same subject.
    • Love Life
    • Money
    • Business
    • Job Promotion
  • They fall into one of two categories and this one can fluctuate
    • Do my reading now, quick because I gotta go and I am in a rush.
    • I want you to take your time, no really I have all afternoon and I want you to tell me absolutely everything.
  • and the biggie – they really only hear what they want to hear and just ignore the rest of what you have to say.

So as a Reader why the heck do you or I put up with this?  Okay lets ask shall we?  Lets get up away from the screen for a moment and look in a mirror and ask yourself these questions because guess what – you are the person you dread most reading for.  Now is this true of everyone, no every rule has its exceptions but…. I bet if you are honest with yourself you would much rather to a reading for someone else.

So next time, with a grin on your face of course, you go to read for this DREADED client again, remember one thing for me okay,  Be Kind To Yourself!  Whether you are a Pro or a Newbie – you are doing this to assist yourself,  be as compassionate with yourself as you are with “your other clients.”

As they say in the comic books – Nuff Said.

My Tricks of the Trade

Whether it is when I am teaching a class, performing a reading, or just catching up with the happenings on Facebook, I often get asked if I have a ritual I perform, or any other things I might do before I read the cards.  Interesting question, it was just asked of me again yesterday and so…. here is this blog post about it.

First I had to do some thinking, and for good reason, I have been reading cards for people for 4 decades now (yes I started in my teens before you make me older then I already am) and things have changed.  My style of reading has pretty much stayed the same but the process of how I get into my reading mode has morphed.  I will say the biggest change, which isn’t a method change, but rather a venue change, is I no longer read at Psychic Fairs.  I now find all the energies bouncing around as distracted as ants at a picnic and equally annoying I might add, so I don’t read at those events any longer.  Okay maybe I am getting old, lol.

So what do I do, well I am going to give a rough sequence but on one condition, you realize it is what I do, not what I am saying you should do.  I do not preach you should or should not do anything before reading cards and I am surely not going to start now.  You find your what gets your psyche into the space to read cards, this is just what I do;

  1. First I make sure my table top is clean because I think my some of my spread cloths are as precious to me as my decks.  A quick wipe down makes sure I am good to go.
  2. I use Palo Santo and just give a quick smudge to the area – as I work in my shoppe most days and I do this before I open anyway, it is normally done ahead of time.
  3. Spread cloth of my choice goes down.
  4. Deck(s) and a pendulum are chosen.  I say Deck(s) because I often have more then one type of card system ready for a client and sometimes more then one of a certain kind as well.  So finding me with a Kipper, Gypsy and Lenormand deck ready to read isn’t uncommon at all.  I don’t perform strictly pendulum readings but I do keep one at hand for the quick Yes/No questions that come up in the process of a read as well as a sort of double check, if you will.
  5. You will normally find that I have an antique key on the cloth, its symbolic to me, think of the Lenormand key meaning as well about just being open to information.
  6. You will normally find a small piece of amethyst and/or moonstone on the cloth, I often it in one hand, sort of like a worry stone but not in that shape or for that reason – simply it gives my hand something to do as I read the cards because I am famous for talking with my hands which does distract a lot of people.  Okay, yes I still point at cards with my free hand!
  7. A moment, and little more then that, just before I start to shuffle the cards to quite my mind and focus.  I am blessed that after years of doing readings that I do not have to do opening meditations and such.  Nothing wrong with them of course, I am just glad that I don’t seem to need them, at least for now.
  8. Thats about it!! KISS – Keep It Simple Silly is a rule I like to try to follow

Now there is nothing wrong with grand and elaborate setups or processes, or doing less then what I do either.  What is important is that your process allows you to get into the right space to perform a reading AND that you remain open to changing your process as time goes by.  My guides led me down many a road of processes before I got to do things this simply and I am quite glad they did – I learned a lot along the way.

My best to you all and feel free to comment on this.

Lenormand – Short and to the point

Greetings All !

I am watching a trend and for the life of me I can’t figure out why this is happening. Read on and feel free to comment or let me know if you have a better understanding of this than I do. As always, I am the first one to say, I am willing to learn!

The Lenormand System’s hallmark is for being to the point, blunt, as well as short and sweet (well not always so sweet) while giving you good information. I am sitting back and watching as people reading the cards are now going on and on and I ask – why? I understand wanting to give as much information as possible, but when someone takes 5 cards and reads as if 7 cards were pulled, or the reader has 5 cards and he or she writes paragraphs upon paragraphs of text, well that reader is not giving more information, the reader is just giving more words.

In the realm of Lenormand I teach my students to be short and succinct with their readings. Just throwing down the cards and conveying an answer is where my love of affair really started with Lenormand. This is not to say I have a flippant view of the Lenormand system. I have a total respect and love for it, more than you might possibly imagine. I even say it is a mystical tool to be used with respect, ask my students how many times I say “don’t ask a question you don’t want an answer to because you can’t un-see it” and you will understand how serious I take this. That being said, what I do not do is treat it as a long-winded Oracle because surely it is not long winded, nor flowery nor, well you get my drift. It is direct.

So as Lenormand speaks to us I challenge my students, and now you, to use Lenormand in this manner. In other words, less is more. Use fewer words, like Lenormand does, to give yourself or your sitter the best reading you can. Don’t expound, rather be direct and brief. Yes, of course tell them all that the cards are saying. Yes, of course handle yourself or your sitter with care and don’t be overly blunt. But NO don’t use more words, more words can, in fact, give you or your sitter more to analyze/digest and in that process perhaps twist the simple answer the cards are so good at giving you.

As I have always believed, the Cards are always correct in what they say to us, it is in how we interpret them that issues arise. If we are expounding to make ourselves look more professional, or prove we are the better reader or such, well I hate to say it but this trend does not show us in our best light.



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